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24 Trade Show Booth Rental Design Trends You Need to Consider

Deciding on your trade show booth rental design is not always easy. You want to be able to garner the attention of attendees without going so over the top that you frighten people away. There are tons of options when it comes to choosing a booth design. With these ideas, you will have all you need to get started on your next trade show booth design.

Why Is Trade Show Booth Design So Essential?

Working on your booth design is the most important aspect of trade show attendance. The right booth design will help people to take notice and want to see what you have to offer.

Taking time to carefully plan the design is important for the right result. You need to make sure your booth is highly interactive and will attract a wide array of visitors. This is not always an easy accomplishment, but with the right design ideas in mind, you will be able to make the right choices with your booth rental.

24 Amazing Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Have you been struggling with your booth design? Do you dread even starting the planning process? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many companies struggle with determining the right trade booth design for their next event. With these twenty-four design ideas, your creative juices are sure to begin flowing, so you can find the perfect design.

  1. Food is a big crowd-pleaser. You would find it difficult to discover someone who does not like to eat. Even if your business does not revolve around food, it is a great incentive for people to stop by your trade booth. To make it even better, create a kitchen experience and highlight the use of some of your products. Have a cook-off or a tasting experience. Get the guests involved in watching the preparation or making the food and then let them enjoy the finished product.
  2. Create a park-like area for guests to sit and relax and you will be surprised at how many people stop by. While they are resting, your team should be available to answer questions and offer information on your products and services. Bringing the outdoors in can create an amazing display that will be remembered long after the event.
  3. Drinks are another idea to bring people in but don’t just hand out bottles of water. People get thirsty walking around and looking at exhibits. If you can offer them something to drink, in a creative way, you will seize their attention from the beginning and likely keep it. You can even attempt a mobile drink station that is fully branded. Walking around and handing out drinks makes a big statement people will remember.
  4. Games are always a great way to bring people to your booth. Most people are natural competitors. Provide them with a golf game, trivia, or even a singing competition. Designing your trade booth around audience competitions will bring in the crowds. Put the winners’ names in lights for an even bigger response.
  5. Picture backdrops offer branding and incentive. A large cow wearing your logo or a giant apple are both amazing ways to get people to stop by and take a selfie or group photo. When they post it to social media, that is free advertising for your company. Not only does it attract people to your booth, but it also spreads the word about your company. It is a win-win.
  6. Imagine centering your booth around a giant vending machine that spits out all kinds of fun. Your vending machine could include all kinds of branded gifts and product samples. Have guests register for a special token to open the machine and see what prize they get. You will instantly drum up excitement.
  7. Fun illusion designs are always attractive to guests. Make them take a second or even a third look with your mind-bending designs. When they are taking that second or third look, that is when you can draw them in and hook them.
  8. Use brand boxing to separate attendees from the crowd. Make them think it is like an exclusive club. They will feel curious enough to want to see what is inside and special because they have been invited in.
  9. Make your booth nostalgic and you will easily bring in attendees to check it out. An eighties booth or even one that delves back further is always welcome in most expos. Make the experience an authentic one and the word will spread quickly.
  10. Design your booth with a special private conversation area so you can take attendees aside and talk with them with about your products and services on a more personal level. Taking them away from the crowds will help them keep their focus.
  11. Many companies forget how important flooring is when designing their trade show booth. Today, there are more flooring options than ever before, including interactive flooring that reacts and changes when people walk on it.
  12. Create a cool lounge experience with a minimalistic approach to design. This is much less intimidating. When you give them a place to relax, unwind, and even charge their cell, you will find tons of visitors.
  13. Choose angular designs that make your booth intriguing from any angle. Every way they look at your booth should be met with something eye-catching and interesting.
  14. The materials you choose for your design are just as important as the design itself. Luxury materials will make people stop and take notice. They will not be able to help themselves in reaching out to experience the material for themselves.
  15. Create an underwater oasis, complete with simulated jellyfish, coral, and plant life. Add in tanks with real fish and people will come in to check them out.
  16. A booth that allows attendees, young and old, to play, is a fun way to increase branding and attract people to your booth. Most people have an inner child that is screaming to come out and play. Speak to that child and you will have their interest piqued from the beginning.
  17. Feature a live feed to social media and present it on a big screen. As visitors stop in, have them wave hello to viewers. Not only will this create a lot of interest for your booth, but it will also offer intriguing advertising.
  18. Take them out of this world. A dreamy space environment is a cool design option that will interest a lot of people. With the 50th anniversary of America landing on the moon occurring in 2019, take advantage of human interest in space and life out there. Let the planets revolve around them or take your visitors to the moon.
  19. Live entertainment can be incorporated into your trade booth design with ease. Bringing in musicians will attract people from all over the building. Make sure the music fits your branding and is not overly intrusive to conversation.
  20. Oversized props are a fun way to garner attention for your booth. A giant slide, gumball machine, or smartphone will all grab attention. Make sure you go big or go home.
  21. Incorporate a giant balloon into your trade booth design. Have it float high above attendees and make sure it is fully branded. You will gain the attention of every attendee in the building and they will want to check out your booth.
  22. Go green- literally. Bring in unique plants and cover your booth with exotic flowers. Create a tropical oasis that makes attendees feel like they are on a mini-vacation. You can even use the sounds of waves crashing on the beach in the background.
  23. Creating an interactive wall is important for gaining attention. Imagine a big wall where people can leave sticky notes. Allow attendees to leave messages or even create a graffiti wall. This makes attendees feel included in your company and they will remember the experience.
  24. Backlit expedition designs are a visual treat to the eyes and they can take your visitors anywhere you want them to go. With the right backlit design, you will be able to evoke strong emotions that will affect attendees and want them to learn more.

Take Your Time

Choosing your design wisely is important for your success at any trade show event. If your past events have gained only lackluster interest, your design may be lacking. Try thinking of new and innovative approaches to designing your next trade show booth rental.

If you take time in planning your design approach, getting attention from attendees will be much easier. A booth that is innovatively designed will offer a more rewarding experience from attendees and your staff.

Allow the above trade booth design ideas to spark your interest and creativity. You will be amazed at the design possibilities you can come up with when you begin to think creatively and incorporate fresh ideas into your design scheme. With a little time and effort, your next booth can be designed to create a specific response from attendees.