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5 Qualities to Look For in a Trade Show Booth Design Company

Whether you’re getting a trade show booth for the first time or you want to elevate your current exhibit setup, it is important to know what to look for in a trade show booth design company. There are a lot of different exhibit space design companies, but understanding what separates good companies from not-so-good companies can be the difference in a great exhibit and a mediocre one.

1 Experience

When choosing a trade show booth design company, whether for a rental or a custom exhibit, there is something to be said for how much experience the company has in the industry. This is not to say that new companies may not offer the same product and experience; however, learn how much industry experience the designers, engineers and salespeople have to ensure that you are getting not only what you want, but what you need as well. Experienced professionals can anticipate issues and help guide you to better choices. They also can help you design and prepare the best trade show booth design for your business.

2 Technology

As technology changes and grows, new ideas are becoming a reality. See how up-to-date your choices for trade show design companies are — chances are, if they’re offering old technology, you’ll find yourself with an aging, outdated booth sooner rather than later. Companies that embrace technology and incorporate it as a part of their trade show booth design business will have more to offer and will likely be able to incorporate it into the booth instead of forcing you to pay for it later at the trade show as an add-on. Does the company offer updated AV equipment? Can you impress your audience with a tile video wall or draw their attention with thoughtfully planned lighting? Consider the capabilities that your design company offers as it will either limit your vision or give it the opportunity to truly blossom. Additionally, some companies are embracing Virtual Reality 3D technology that can help you not only see your booth… but you can experience it, too!

3 Value Engineering

In addition to technology and perhaps most importantly, when it comes to the design of a trade show booth, how it is engineered can significantly impact the ease of installation and dismantle of your trade show booth, the cost of the booth, and even its appearance. For example, electric is often an important and necessary component of a trade show booth design. Instead of having to set up full electrical onsite, find a company that offers value engineering in that they are able to incorporate the electric into the build so that when you arrive onsite, all that has to be done is to plug it in. Look for a company that takes time to determine how best to design your trade show booth to incorporate elements that can otherwise complicate trade show booth design.

4 Large Portfolio

A company should be proud of the designs that it has created in the past, whether it is a rental or a custom booth design. While many companies offer both custom trade show booth designs as well as trade show booth rentals, the selection and style of their offerings can be telling. If you’re considering hiring a trade show booth design company to create a custom exhibit booth, take a look at their complete portfolio, including their rental offerings. If a company is offering high-quality rentals that they lease out, it speaks volumes about the quality of work they produce and their pride in their work. You should be able to see a wide range of styles, designs, and product offerings in their exhibit. Additionally, the company should be consistently adding to their portfolio as they create new exhibits. Be wary of a company that does not offer a portfolio of designs as you may not know what to expect, and in the trade show design business, surprises are not usually good.

5 Choose a Company That Works For You

While all of the aforementioned qualities are certainly important, keep in mind that no matter what a company offers, you should be treated with respect. Consider customer reviews and testimonials when evaluating a company’s performance. Imagine how you want to be treated from your initial sales inquiry to how your questions will be answered. Designing a trade show booth is an investment, and you should always value the company that values not only your payment but your ideas, as well. Customer service should be a priority because even if a company can build a beautiful design but if it’s a hassle to get it, is it really worth it when there are companies out there that can do both? Your answer will most likely be no.

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