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5 Reasons to Choose a Rental Trade Show Booth

Purchasing a custom trade show booth can be daunting — and very costly up front. There is an alternative, however, to building a completely custom booth. You can choose to rent a trade show booth, which offers both flexibility and upfront cost savings. Though it is valid to have concerns that that a rental trade show booth might not be a good option to represent your brand before looking into it, the good news is that there are a number of reasons why choosing to rent a trade show booth could be the right decision for your company. Keep reading to learn more.

Rental Booth Costs

Trade show booths are an expensive part of exhibiting at a trade show. However, rental booths offer greater affordability with a lower up-front cost, which can open up more possibilities for those interested in exhibiting at industry events but who have a smaller budget. Unlike custom trade show booths that include a lot of costs, from design to production, rentals are booths that have already been designed and produced in standard sizes. Though rentals come in standard sizes, a good exhibit house will still offer a variety of designs that can be branded with your company’s logo, making it an attractive option that can still stun attendees.


If your company frequently exhibits at shows that have overlapping dates, a rental is a great option that gives you more flexibility with when and where you can exhibit. Though you may choose to own a custom booth for larger, more important shows shows, a rental is a great option to go with for smaller shows, especially if your large booth is in use. A rental trade show booth can help your business maintain a presence at shows that coincide at the same time as others. Rental booths give your company the ability to exhibit at more than one place simultaneously without the hefty price tag of a custom booth.

Storage & Maintenance Liability

Trade show booths, even when broken down, can take up a considerable amount of space. One of the big bonuses to choosing a rental trade show booth is that you do not have to store it when it is not in use. The exhibit company from which you rent the booth will handle the storage for you, and they will also properly maintain the booth. Over time, trade show booths will begin to show some wear and tear. An exhibit house that offers rental booths will keep the booth looking brand new at all times because they have the means, ability, and time to make necessary maintenance repairs a priority. When you own a trade show booth, storage and repairs become your responsibility.

Ability to Update Booth

Over time, even the most established companies will update their branding to give it a fresh new look. As we all know, branding is a huge component to a trade show booth as it’s the first thing a show attendee sees. Rental booths are a great option because it allows you flexibility in design and the ability to update your booth as needed. Whether your marketing team just unveiled a new logo and color scheme or you want a fresh new look for your next show, rentals give you the option of changing things up.

Try it Before You Buy It!

If you’re new to exhibiting, you may want to try out some options before you invest in a custom booth. A rental is a fantastic option to explore different layouts, design elements and more. Nothing could be worse than designing a custom booth, getting it to its first show, and realizing that there are many things you wished you would have done differently. By renting different booths, you can get a feel for what works and what doesn’t before you take the plunge into trade show booth ownership.

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