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5 Reasons to Choose a Trade Show Rental Booth

When it’s time to select a new trade show booth for your business, you may be torn between renting an exhibit booth or buying and designing a custom trade show booth. While custom trade show booths are always a showstopper that will exude your brand, there are a number of benefits to choosing a trade show rental booth for your next special event or trade show.

1 It’s Easy

When it comes to selecting a trade show rental booth, the process is much simpler because the designing and manufacturing have already been done. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about storage when you rent an exhibit booth. Trade show booths, even broken down, can be quite large and can take up a significant amount of space. Trade show booth rentals are owned by the exhibit house, and as such, they are responsible for storing them. When you choose an exhibit rental, there’s nothing to stress about — simply choose the trade show booth that best represents your business and move forward.

2 Lower Risk

Any reputable company will have a trade show rental agreement that will lay out the ins and outs of using the booth. It will also designate who is responsible for what and how much liability you have in using the booth. Obviously, a custom booth will require a significantly larger investment, and as such, if something happens, your business will be out of that money and the booth itself. In renting a booth, you won’t have the same level of financial liability that you would have if you had a custom trade show booth designed and manufactured.

3 Latest Technology

If you choose to have a custom trade show exhibit booth, you can certainly implement the latest technology; however, you are likely choosing a custom option to be able to use the same booth for years to come, and technology changes each year. Renting a booth gives you the option of taking advantage of the latest and greatest tech. Whether it’s integrated lighting, electrical, A/V, etc., you’ll be able to offer a stunning display at your next event.

4 Flexibility

Similarly, trade show rental booths offer a good deal of flexibility. You can change the design, style, and overall look of the trade show exhibit booth each year — or even at each show if you’re hitting multiple exhibitions in a year or you need to attend different shows at the same time. The choice is yours. This gives you the ability to not only keep things interesting for attendees, but it also gives you the opportunity to test out trade show booth exhibits to see which one fits best with your business.

5 Affordability

Choosing a trade show booth rental is a far more affordable option than having a trade show booth custom made for obvious reasons. The cost of a custom design alone is an expensive component, and integrating custom add-ons, technology, etc. can really add up. Rental booths, however, offer a variety of more generic designs that can easily be adapted to any type of business. Since they are not as complex as a custom design, trade show booth rentals are typically much less expensive. Additionally, as the trade show booth rental begins to show signs of wear and tear, that maintenance is the responsibility of the design house. With a lower up-front cost and less responsibility, trade show booth rentals are a great option.

Choose a Rental That Works!

When you’re looking for your next trade show booth, choose a design house that offers a wide selection of rentals. We’re happy to show you what we have to offer. Contact us at Team One to learn more!