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5 Tips For Storing Your Trade Show Booth

When the trade show is over and it is time to pack up your booth, many people are exhausted and simply ready to just get home. The end result is that that do not spend much time checking out their booth before they store it, thinking it’s just going to sit untouched until the next show. While your booth may not see much action until the next show, it will still need to get shipped to and from its storage location, and it may get moved if it is in the way of something else while in storage. So, before you throw in the towel and pack up your booth haphazardly, you will want to keep in mind how you store your booth and where you store your trade show booth to ensure its longevity moving forward.

1 Have a Storage Plan

Before you even attend a trade show, you will want to have a storage plan. Will you be storing your trade show booth at your place of business? Will you be storing your booth at a third party storage facility? No matter what you choose, you will want to wait until the show is over to figure out a plan to store your investment.

2 Secure Your Booth

When storing your trade show booth, you will want to make sure that it is secured properly— and insured. Your trade show booth is an investment, so you will want to protect it just as you would any other investment. Keep it secure at your business location by locking the booth up and by keeping it in view of video surveillance. You might think, “Who would want my booth? It’s branded with my business name.” While this is true, don’t forget that it’s easy to swap out graphics and the structure itself is expensive. If you choose to store it at an offsite location, double check their security measures and confirm how it will be stored and protected.

3 Protect Your Booth

When you are storing your booth, you want to make sure that it will be protected from the elements, such as extreme heat, cold, and most importantly, water and fire. While you may not be able to prevent acts of God from happening, you can put in place protective measures to ensure your booth is protected as much as possible. For example, choose a hard, waterproof case to store your booth.

4 Inspect Your Booth Before You Pack It Up

Nothing is worse than getting ready to set up for a show and discovering that there is a missing piece or broken part. Make it a part of your storage plan to take a few moments to thoroughly inspect your booth after you have dismantled it. Look over the booth parts to make sure you have every piece and that nothing is missing. Ensure there are no tears in any fabric graphics and make notes of any areas that may be showing wear. Additionally, check all connecting pieces of the support structure to confirm that all parts are in good working order.

5 Pack With Care

When you are preparing to store your trade show booth, you will want to ensure it is well protected. Whether you are storing your booth at your place of business or it is being stored at a storage facility, you will want to make sure the packing materials are all intact and able to protect your booth. If any safeguarding elements are missing or damaged (styrofoam packing case, covers, etc.), you will want to replace those so that your booth will be protected during storage.

Questions About Booth Storage?

If you have questions about how to store your trade show booth, or if you are considering getting a rental trade show booth so you don’t have to worry about storage, contact us at Team One Exhibits! We’re happy to help.