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Advance Marketing to Increase Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

As you are preparing your trade show booth for an upcoming event or conference, you will want to be sure to have a marketing plan in place. By marketing your trade show booth effectively, you will drive more traffic to your booth, which in turn provides more opportunities to make sales. There are a number of ways that you can market your booth to increase attention and improve your ROI. Keep reading to learn what you can do to increase traffic to your trade show booth!

Emails and Eblasts

If you’re able to get ahold of the show email list, it will be advantageous to do so. By having a copy of the show’s attendee email list, you have the opportunity to reach targets that you know will be attending the show. We recommend paring that list down so that you can tailor your emails to specific groups of prospects. While it certainly won’t hurt to send an eblast to prospects with whom you might rank a low probability of converting, personalized emails are another option for bigger targets. Remember, personalized emails always work better than a large-scale, generic e-blast. Personalize your emails and make them memorable — then attendees will remember to visit your booth.


Though it wouldn’t be very helpful to advertise in a local newspaper or radio show, there are opportunities to advertise on location. Often, trade shows will provide trade show magazines and other handouts to attendees, especially during information sessions. Buying an advertisement in these publications is a great idea as many people will thumb through them during down time at the show. By seeing your name along with a great selling point, you may just find yourself with more visitors at the booth.

Phone Calls and Bulk SMS Messaging

In this day and age, everyone is attached to their phones. By making a personalized phone call, you may stand out from competitors who are using a more passive marketing strategy. Have a quick phone call with your elevator speech as to why that individual should attend your booth. Always be sure to thank them for their time and mention that you’re looking forward to seeing them at the show. Another option, though far less personal, is to send out an on-demand text blast at the show. This option may be a bit pricey, but it certainly can help drive traffic to your booth!


For contacts in which you feel there is a high probability of securing a deal, you may want to make a phone call and ask if they would be willing to schedule a meeting. Ask them to swing by your booth to see what you have to offer, and make a point to take the prospect out to lunch or dinner. Many deals are secured this way, which would certainly make exhibiting at a trade show worthwhile.

Improve Your Booth

By marketing your booth in advance, you can drive traffic and make the most of your trade show booth. If you are interested in revamping your booth for your next trade show, contact us at Team One Exhibits. We are happy to help!