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Are You Prepared for Trade Show Booth Ownership?

If you have been renting your trade show booth, you may have been testing the waters before jumping into booth ownership. Buying a custom trade show booth is an investment that you will want to prepare for, just as you would with any other large purchase. Throughout our many years in the trade show industry, offering both custom and rental booth designs, we have learned that it is best to evaluate whether you are fully prepared for booth ownership before diving in. Keep reading to learn what you should do to prepare for buying your next custom trade show booth.


As we mentioned, purchasing a custom trade show booth is a large investment. You will want to ensure that you have enough finances in your marketing budget to cover not just the booth, but future costs as well. When you own a booth, you are responsible for shipping, freight, and on-site storage costs for each show at which you intend to exhibit. Additionally, don’t forget about the general trade show costs associated with exhibiting as well.

Design Wants

Do you have ideas of what you want your custom booth to look like? Though you don’t have to have a completed design, it is beneficial to do some planning. Look at booths that you like and take notes because it will help your designer help you. Custom trade show booths are typically a bit larger in size, but have you determined if you want an island or peninsula style booth? A custom exhibit house will be able to guide you through the details and make design choices that will make an impact, but having some idea of what you want will serve as a great starting point.

Plan for Storage

When you own a trade show booth, you have to store it. Do you have space to store this booth on any of your company’s properties? If not, have you allocated funds to store it off-site? Additionally, have you evaluated the storage warehouses to ensure that your booth will be stored appropriately and safely so that it does not get damaged? These are things you will want to evaluate and have a plan for before you purchase your trade show booth.

Plan for Exhibiting

Since custom exhibit booths are a long-term investment, most companies will reuse their booth for several years, and in some cases, it may even cut down on costs. You may even keep the structure for significantly longer than the entire booth, giving it a refresh with new graphics when the time is right. Plan to exhibit at multiple shows. Spending the money on a custom booth only to have it sit would not be a wise investment.

Are you ready for booth ownership?

If you are ready to start the process of designing a custom, company-owned exhibit booth, contact us at Team One. Our exhibit house has the experience, in-house design and fabrication capabilities, as well as the reputation for making successful designs. We’re happy to help. Contact us today!