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Reasons to Attend Trade Shows: Brand Development This article, on Brand Development Ideas, is Part II of a three part series developed to help companies improve their results from attending trade shows. Your brand identity is extremely important. All too often the brand identity for a company develops without due thought. Trade shows offer an […]

Reasons to Attend Trade Shows: Lead Generation This article, on Trade Show Lead Generation Ideas, is Part I of a three part series developed to help companies improve their results from attending trade shows. When you think of participating in trade shows, three objectives will quite likely spring to mind: lead generation, increasing brand awareness, […]

How Small Businesses Can Afford Trade Shows A small business has unique challenges – often related to controlling business expenses. This article provides information on how to make trade shows affordable for small businesses, or larger companies with a very tight marketing budget. Even in the internet age trade shows remain a viable option to […]

Should You Still Consider Trade Shows in 2017? “Are trade shows worth it?” is a common question in marketing planning meetings. In today’s highly digital age, a number of industry types seem all too ready to sound the death knell on trade shows. However, as the late author Mark Twain famously said, regarding rumors of […]

4 Shipping Tips For Trade Show Displays Based on the specific circumstances, there are so many subtle nuances to consider when arranging and scheduling your return freight. These are just a few scenarios that could cost you if they aren’t handled correctly. 1. How much Freight do you have? If it’s a full, dedicated truck, […]

Tips for Better Trade Show Shipping Ideas on Dealing With 4 What If Shipping Scenarios Trade show shipping and logistics is obviously a critical part of your trade show management process. The process can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. Some good news is that it can be made easier and more cost effective when you […]