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Should You Still Consider Trade Shows in 2017? “Are trade shows worth it?” is a common question in marketing planning meetings. In today’s highly digital age, a number of industry types seem all too ready to sound the death knell on trade shows. However, as the late author Mark Twain famously said, regarding rumors of […]

4 Shipping Tips For Trade Show Displays Based on the specific circumstances, there are so many subtle nuances to consider when arranging and scheduling your return freight. These are just a few scenarios that could cost you if they aren’t handled correctly. 1. How much Freight do you have? If it’s a full, dedicated truck, […]

Tips for Better Trade Show Shipping Ideas on Dealing With 4 What If Shipping Scenarios Trade show shipping and logistics is obviously a critical part of your trade show management process. The process can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. Some good news is that it can be made easier and more cost effective when you […]

Tips on Ordering Trade Show Services How to Avoid Overpaying for Trade Show Services 1. KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Always read those Quick Facts in the show kit and thoroughly read the forms you are completing. Sometimes they contain hidden landmines. Some General Service Contractors have two deadline dates at the Advanced Receiving Warehouse. […]

Top 250 Trade Shows Every trade show marketing manager endures the task of finding new and better trade shows. This often comes after the realization that the trade show schedule you’ve worked every year simply isn’t producing leads. Whether it’s connecting with new customers in the same industries, or finding new markets, there are always […]

How To Find The Right Staff For Your Trade Show Exhibit Originally published on 4-13-2012 How do you know if you’ve chosen the right staff for your next trade show exhibit? When it comes to your success at an event your staff is crucial! You could have the most gorgeous booth design, graphs your staff […]