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CES Tech Trends to Watch

The Consumer Electronics Show, most commonly referred to as CES by those in the industry, is a trade show that boasts impressive exhibits chock-full of the latest technology and gadgets. At the CES trade show, expect to be wowed by grand exhibits and learn about new and exciting technology. At the show, tech topics span everything from the “Internet of Things” to “Product Design and Manufacturing,” and more. CES is not only an impressive assemblage of tech superstars showing off their latest wares, but it’s also a fantastic place to network and learn.

CES 2019: Then to Now

Last year’s show was ripe with advanced technology. Exhibitors and attendees saw a number of trade show booths exhibiting AI (or Artificial Intelligence) integrated into their products and their booths. Additionally, Virtual Assistants, like the commonly known Alexa and Google Home, have claimed their share of the marketplace. Virtual Assistants are integrated into a wide variety of products and services, from home thermostats to online marketplaces and music streaming services. Intuitive technology is becoming a necessity for all types of companies as consumer demand for personalized, fast, and efficient products grows exponentially across all industries.

CES 2020: Trends to Expect

When we look at our current society, it’s impossible not to realize how large of a place technology has in consumer lives. Anything that can be made in nearly any industry now incorporates technology; companies not utilizing advanced technology are operating in the past.

At CES 2020, expect to see a continued presence of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants. As this technology becomes more advanced, it will certainly permeate new industries to garner a larger market share. Privacy is also a growing concern for consumers, which opens the door for companies offering privacy-conscious products and services.

Technology is everywhere, so it should be no surprise to see increased connectivity and ordinary items now incorporating new technology. Team One’s client Victrola incorporated this feature into their products, such as in-furniture speakers, which were on display at their trade show booth at CES 2019.

At CES 2020, keep an eye out for even more stunning graphics and crisp, clear video as televisions evolve with better higher quality graphics than ever before. For large scale exhibits, expect to see enormous video walls adding to the overall experience for exhibitors and attendees alike. While video walls were present at CES 2019, expect these showstoppers to be a staple for years to come.

While we won’t know for sure what we’ll see until we’re at the CES 2020 show, we are confident that we will see these trends in full force in January.

Planning Your CES 2020 Exhibit

If you’re getting ready for the CES 2020 trade show and still need an exhibit house for a rental or custom design, give us a call. We have production facilities that allow us to offer unmatched pricing and on-site show services for our customers at CES 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.