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Choose the Right Design Company for an Exhibit Rental

Tradeshows can be an amazing way for businesses to reach out to more potential customers but creating and building an exhibit can be costly. Companies that only want to go to trade shows occasionally, who want to try out different looks, or who want to have a unique look for each event may want to consider renting instead of purchasing an exhibit for their company.

Renting allows businesses to save money, allows for spending more on graphics and the message instead of the materials to build the exhibit, and offers plenty of flexibility for changes between shows. It also allows businesses to test different exhibit designs and means they won’t have to worry about storing the exhibit between shows. The main thing to consider when renting is finding the right exhibit design company to work with.

Think About What is Needed

Before considering any design company, think about what’s needed for the exhibit. Consider all details, such as when the exhibit is needed, how big it will be, what graphics will be used, and whether there are have any artwork or designs ready to be used.  The more precise the business is at this stage, the easier it will be for them to find an exhibit design company that meets their needs and that’s going to create an amazing design that leads to a more successful booth.

Look for Industry Experts

Check out design companies that have experience creating rental booths and look into the various booths they have designed in the past. Find out how much of the business is for rentals, how many designs they work on each year, and whether their customers tend to be repeat customers. Rentals are only used for one show at a time, so look for a company that has plenty of repeat customers. This shows the customers were happy enough with the design that they wanted to work with the company again.

Select a Company that Fits Your Budget

Budgeting is crucial for renting trade show exhibits, especially if the business will be attending a variety of trade shows over time. Look for a company that will fit the budget and is able to provide an amazing design. The company should have a variety of budget-friendly options for businesses that don’t have a huge budget. While renting the exhibit can save the business quite a bit of money, cost-saving measures can enable them to save even more and make sure they don’t go over their marketing budget. If the expenses are low enough, the business may even be able to do more than they originally expected.

Check Their Inventory Base

Find out if the company has a large inventory on hand for the basic components needed in the exhibit. If the company doesn’t have a large inventory, options may be very limited. If they have a larger inventory, they can handle just about any design idea and make sure the booth has everything it needs when the exhibit is done. This way, the design won’t be limited to just a small selection of pieces but can include anything the business wants so they can get the exact design they prefer and have a more successful booth at the trade show.

Ask About Technology

New technology can be expensive, but it can also help draw in a lot more people to the booth. Before choosing any exhibit design company, ask about technology that can be incorporated with the booth. Businesses can take advantage of special lighting, tablets for customers to interact with, virtual reality, and more depending on their preferences and the design of their booth. Work with the design company to consider how technology can be incorporated in the booth and make sure they have options available that can be implemented.

Find Out Where the Design and Build is Done

Some exhibit design companies are going to subcontract the work to design the booth. This means the business doesn’t know who’s building the booth or what the quality might be when everything’s done. It also means any issues can be more complicated to fix and can take longer to solve. Instead, look for a design company that’s going to do all of the design and building of the exhibit. This could make a huge difference in quality, which leads to how successful the exhibit will be.

Learn About Logistics

How is the booth going to get to the trade show? Who is setting it up and taking it down? How does everything get back to the design company? These are all crucial questions to ask before hiring any exhibit design company. When possible, choose a company that handles all of the logistics as this can save the business quite a bit of time and money. If the design company handles transporting the exhibit, setting it up, and taking it down, that’s a lot the business doesn’t have to worry about and can ensure there are no problems with the booth before or after the trade show.

Check Presentation and Quality

The last thing to check may be one of the most important aspects of a design company. Check their presentation of previous exhibits and the quality of those exhibits. While renting can be less expensive than purchasing, it’s not a reason to skimp on quality. Check out their past work, looking closely at the materials, lighting, colors, and more. Make sure each booth is unique for the company it was designed for and built from high-quality materials, so it looks great at the trade show.

If you’re ready to host a booth at a trade show, having the right exhibit makes a huge difference in how successful you’ll be. If you’re planning on renting the exhibit to save money, make sure you still take the time to find the right exhibit design company to work with. This helps ensure the entire exhibit will look amazing and will help draw in many more potential customers to your business.