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Cleaning Your Trade Show Booth

Whether you have a rental trade show booth or custom designed and owned trade show booth, keeping your booth clean is an important part of proper booth maintenance. Though cleaning crews do their best to keep show spaces clean, the reality is that dirt and dust from shipping packages, packing material debris, food and drink, and other standard environmental elements warrants some basic cleaning of your booth.


After you get your booth set up, you will likely want to dust the surfaces of your booth with a soft cloth or duster. This will help remove any dust that has settled onto your booth, keeping it fresh and clean. There is no need to use any cleaning solvents, and actually, their use is discouraged. Harsh cleaners or solvents could deteriorate or harm your booth’s graphics or surfaces, so it’s best to give your booth a wipe down with a simple dry, clean, soft material. Don’t forget to include the cross bars or structure behind the graphics as they can collect dust as well. If you never clean your booth’s structure, the dirt and dust can transfer onto booth graphics, causing unsightly dirt streaks.

Clean Hard Surfaces

If your booth features a table or pedestal without a tablecloth, you will want to clean those just as you would clean any hard surface in your office. Trade show attendees will likely touch your booth, which could spread germs, especially during cold and flu seasons. Disinfecting these surfaces will keep your booth clean and germ-free. Additionally, as many trade shows have drinks, these may leave residue from condensation or overfills. Cleaning these surfaces will help keep your booth looking presentable.

Vacuum/Clean Soft Surfaces

At many trade shows, and within larger trade show booths such as island or peninsula booths, furniture and other soft surfaces will be incorporated into a trade show booth. These soft surfaces should also be kept clean just as any other part of the trade show booth. A handheld vacuum or lint roller can help eliminate packing peanut debris that sticks to fabrics due to static electricity, lint, or other unwanted dirt that can be found on soft surfaces, such as couches or chairs. Additionally, you may want to keep a stain remover stick in your your booth kit in the event of any spills on furniture; however, if you should find yourself in a position where you have to use it, be sure to test colorfastness on an unseen area first.

Don’t Neglect Trade Show Floors

At most trade shows, a cleaning crew will take care of vacuuming your trade show booth floor, and you will likely have paid a fee for this. Be sure to look over the paperwork provided for your specific trade show. If vacuuming is not included as a service at your trade show, be sure to take proper care of your floors by vacuuming them at the end of each show day to maintain cleanliness.

Properly Maintain Your Trade Show Booth

Cleaning is a part of proper booth maintenance, and it should take place after each day of the show and before you pack up your booth in preparation for shipping. If you have specific questions about the proper maintenance of your booth, be sure to contact your exhibit house.