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Discover Exhibits that Deliver Real Results

Generating new business is always important, and trade shows provide a great way for companies to expose attendees to all the products and services your company offers. However, not everyone truly understands how to make the most of a trade show exhibit.

While a typical trade booth is 10’x10’, there are distinct advantages of moving to a larger size for your next trade show. Booth sizes impact the types of marketing techniques marketers can employ, and they certainly affect the experiences of attendees. Here are reasons to consider obtaining a 10’x20’ booth for your next show.

Set Your Goals Now

When it’s time to select a new 10’x20’ or other booth size, it makes sense to identify your overall goals before making a purchase. Since there are several types of booths, knowing which sizes and designs will provide the needed space to facilitate your marketing plan is always important. Of course, everyone on staff also needs to understand the objectives to obtain the desired results. Make the goals specific and attainable so everyone involved can visualize which strategies will be used and how they can be most effective.

Design the Display to Project the Right Image

Generic trade show booths from budget suppliers are tempting because of their low costs, but we’re convinced your success is more important than a small savings. Look for a booth provider that’s in tune with your goals and is willing to put in the time to design and construct a booth guaranteed to produce the look and feel you’ve imagined. At Expo Marketing, our team is dedicated to providing the display your organization needs to succeed.

We’re always ready to work with clients needing a new trade show booth that’s both beautiful and functional. Remember, your competition is also looking for ways to attract clients. That means taking the time to describe your needs and goals allows our team to deliver a trade show display to compete effectively with other vendors.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

The majority of trade show venues don’t include the types of lighting that make a booth stand out. Many spaces in a venue will be shadowed or poorly lit. That’s why we encourage our clients to work with our design experts and select lighting options that are unique and offer a great return on investment.

While light boxes, sconces, and industrial-style fixtures are all popular and effective, technology now makes it possible to use interactive and sound-responsive lighting to create truly amazing displays. Booth visitors love features other booths don’t have and take the time to stop, visit, and explore the booth’s features and offerings. Interactive and sound-responsive features are always attention-getting and will make your booth more memorable.

Take Full Advantage of the Space

With a basic 10’x10’ booth, there isn’t much room for interacting with attendees, but a larger space opens up new ways to attract and interact with booth visitors. Fixtures can easily be designed to make the best use of the space and enhance traffic patterns. Using a linear both on a corner location opens up even more possibilities.

Of course, corner positions are not always easy (or cheap) to reserve, so we do everything possible to design flow characteristics that still allow visitors to move freely through the display and still have space to stop and talk to booth personnel.

Promote New Products or Services

Introducing new products is always exciting, and your booth should exude your enthusiasm for a new product or service. According to industry statistics, over 90 percent of trade show visitors are there to learn about new offerings. Your booth’s design can attract more of those early adapters if it’s designed to proudly and effectively promote a new product.

The best time to promote new products is immediately after they’re introduced. Industry experts routinely recommend scheduling trade shows as close to the introductions as possible. Of course, it’s also important to have your booth designed to emphasize the new products without ignoring existing product lines or services.

Branding Takes Center Stage

Our design experts explore ways to introduce a new brand or draw attention to an existing one using colors, shapes, unique materials, and lighting. The idea is always to draw attention and create a memorable display.

A 10’x20’ display is certainly large enough to include interactive features, a small sitting area, and plenty of space for handouts, informational videos, and other promotional strategies that enhance your brand.

If you’re considering a branding change, trade shows provide a great venue for introducing the new branding. Changing a brand is always challenging, but promoting the new branding at a trade show makes it easier to educate existing and potential clients and explaining why now is the time to rebrand.

Making Your Trade Show Exhibit Earn It’s Keep

Since the objective is always to generate more business, the type, style, and size of a trade show booth are all important. However, there is more to be considered. The entire design must be carefully unified to ensure your organization enjoys a real return on investment. That’s why we take the time to discuss your needs and generate a plan to meet all your objectives, generate profits, and still meet your budget needs.

We Make Sure You Get Quality Service

Every trade show booth we design is important. Your booth is certainly no exception. Our goal is always to provide a level of service and professionalism needed to guarantee a quality experience for your company.

Let’s start by determining what your short- and long-term goals are. Once that hurdle is overcome, we’ll start designing a booth to meet those needs. We do everything possible to minimize stress for you or your company representative. That means there won’t be any needless hoops to jump through, and you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your new booth.

At the same time, we understand timing is important, and we’ll do everything possible to make sure your new 10’x20’ trade show booth is completed well before your next show. To get started, contact our design team today.