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Discover Why Renting Trade Show Booths Makes Sense

Attending trade shows is a proven strategy for generating new business and retaining existing customers. However, not every business has a quality booth to take full advantage of trade show display options. That’s why an increasing number of businesses rent trade show booths rather than buying. If you’re planning to participate in upcoming trade shows, here are a few of the reasons to consider renting a booth.

Renting is Convenient

Not everyone has the budget or desire to invest in a trade show booth that may only be used a couple of times per year. Owning a booth also means transporting it to events and storing it when not in use. If a trade show isn’t local, shipping a booth will be costly and require advance planning.

Conversely, renting a quality trade show booth is easy. Companies renting trade show booths handle the design and construction work, which means your staff simply has to show up at the event ready to go to work. Renting also eliminates the need to store a booth when it’s not being used.

Rental Display Booth Designs are Flexible

Most trade shows provide standard exhibit spaces for companies taking part in the events. Standard sizes like 10×10, 10×20, and even 20×20 are commonly used. If you purchase a trade show booth, the size can’t vary. That means you’ll have to settle for the same size space regardless of any changes in needs.

When a trade show booth is rented rather than purchased, it’s easy to customize your booth to take advantage of different opportunities. For example, an exhibitor may benefit more by having a larger space at a specific show due to the demographics of the expected attendees. Rental booths can easily be customized to take better advantage of unique situations.

Deal With Scheduling Conflicts

While it may not happen often, there are times when an organization must attend more than one trade show at the same time. If you only have one booth, that’s virtually impossible, which means you’ll be giving up an opportunity to generate more business.

If a company chooses to rent rather than own, it’s far easier to schedule more than one trade show at the same time. Your company can take advantage of opportunities in Las Vegas and Miami during the same time frame.

Experimenting With Different Designs

Your company will evolve over time, which means your trade show booth will need to change as well. Rented booths can be customized to meet evolving needs. It’s also possible to try different approaches to determine which design generates the best results. Renting trade show booths allows organizations to use different types of displays, colors, and signage to determine how potential customers react to each design.

Is the ability to experiment really important? As a rule, yes. The ultimate objective when attending a trade show is to generate more business. If there are cost-effective ways to experiment with different display design strategies that will attract more customers, it pays to take advantage of them.

Comply With Varying Show Regulations Is Simpler

Even though most trade shows have similar rules in place for exhibitors, there are always exceptions. When a specific event includes some type of regulation that limits your display, renting a booth is certainly the best option. The rental booth will be customized to meet the show’s rules with the least disruption to your company’s needs.

Since the show’s regulations are available well before the event date, it’s simple to contact the display rental company to make any necessary changes needed to comply. The necessary modifications may well make it impossible to use an owned booth.

Explore New Ways to Deliver Your Message

One of the most compelling reasons to consider renting a trade show booth is to evaluate new and innovative ways to deliver your company’s message to attendees. For example, printed handouts still provide a great way to communicate your product information, but videos and interactive displays frequently prove to be even more effective.

Using an owned display that cannot be modified easily makes experimenting with new communication strategies difficult if not impossible. Rather than ignoring new trends because an owned trade show booth can’t easily be modified, discuss your ideas with a trade show booth rental expert to see how renting can resolve the issue.

Understand the Limitations When Renting

Companies renting trade show booths are always willing to work with companies to provide the best booth options available. However, there are some limitations to consider when renting a display booth.


  • Inventories are limited, so it makes sense to reserve your booth as far ahead of time as possible to ensure the booth and associated amenities will be available when you need them. Yes, other companies have also discovered the advantages of renting trade show booths, so don’t risk being disappointed when someone has already reserved your ideal trade show booth.


  • Shipping takes time. That means the rental company needs enough leeway to pack and ship a rental booth to make sure it arrives on time for your trade show. Again, it always pays to work with the booth rental company to make sure the booth you need is there when you need it.


  • Costs vary. Relatively simply 10×10 booths will cost less than complex 20×20 booths, so work closely with a trades show booth rental company to ensure you stay within your budget when renting a booth.


Since every exhibitor’s needs will differ, most industry experts recommend developing a close working relationship with a trade show booth provider now rather than waiting until the last minute.

Choosing a Provider to Work With

Since there are quite a few companies now providing trade show booth rentals, it pays to take a little time to make sure you’re working with one that has a reputation for delivering on their promises.

The best option is to contact a provider like Team One Exhibits to discuss your needs and let their team members explain how those needs can be met. They’ll also explain how renting a trade show booth will save your company money both now and in the future.