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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes With Your Trade Show Booth

If you’re doing research for your exhibit booth, you’ve likely come across a multitude of articles of what to do and how to do it. While these articles can certainly put you on the path to success, many of them neglect the pitfalls that can derail your success. When it comes to exhibiting, you want to make sure that you are putting forth the best representation of your business. Keep reading to learn what mistakes to avoid when planning your trade show booth.

Exhibiting Mistake #1 Investing Too Little in Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to network, close deals, and market your product. By making an investment in your trade show booth, you will be putting your best foot forward. Not putting forth enough financial resources in your budget can result in a booth that doesn’t perform the way you had hoped.

Exhibiting Mistake #2 Not Planning Your Layout

Especially when you are working with a large trade show booth, such as an island or peninsula exhibit, don’t forget to take the time to plan your space with purpose. Avoid bottlenecks and make sure that walk through areas are unobstructed. Plan for the space to be inviting, and avoid haphazardly placing products or demos.

Exhibiting Mistake #3 Not Having Enough Lighting

Not having enough lighting is a common rookie mistake. Unfortunately, in large exhibit halls, the ceilings are high and the lights simply aren’t bright enough to illuminate your space. Make sure you have lights placed to highlight your products, but be wary of making your guests feel like they just stepped into an interview room. Use lighting to highlight products but keep the space inviting.

Exhibiting Mistake #4 Competing or Confusing Messaging

Your exhibit booth should leave a lasting impression. When you are planning your booth, consider your messaging. Do not put so much messaging on your booth that people have too much to read. Similarly, don’t put so many short messages that people don’t know what to read first. The best rule of thumb is to keep it short and sweet.

Exhibiting Mistake #5 Too Busy/Too Bland Design

You want your branding to stand out, but you also don’t want it to be too obnoxious. Choose a trade show booth designer who can create a space that exudes your brand without turning off visitors. Similarly, you don’t want visitors to just pass your booth by because it blended in too well. A well planned trade show booth will avoid having too many colors and graphics that clash while still attracting visitors with a visually appealing design.

Avoid Trade Show Booth Mistakes – Contact an Exhibit House

The good thing is that you can easily avoid all of these trade show booth mistakes and more by using an experienced exhibit house. They will help you make the right choices for your booth, the exhibit halls, and for your business. Contact us at Team One and we can help get you on the bath to trade show success!