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Examining Rental Trade Show Booth Costs

Rental booths offer a great deal of flexibility compared to custom, company-owned trade show booths, which is one major reason that companies opt for a rental. The other standout reason that companies choose a rental booth over a custom booth is the lower up-front cost. It is important to recognize that while rental booths are a lower cost option, they are still an investment. We’re going to examine some of the common costs associated with a rental booth so that when you’re ready to choose your next booth – whether a custom booth or a rental – you can be well informed.

Booth Size

When evaluating your budget to allocate trade show costs, the size of your booth will matter. While rental booths are most frequently available in standard sizes, the size of the booth will dictate part of the cost of your booth. For example, if you were to rent a large island booth, you would be looking at a significantly higher cost than if you were to rent a smaller in-line booth.


Certainly, you will want your booth to show your company name, and for the most part, this is done through graphics. For rental trade show booths, you will pay to customize a fabric “skin” that will be placed over the structure of the booth. This piece will allow you to have a custom feel on a standard rental trade show booth.

Maintenance & Storage

What is one of the more attractive qualities about rental booths is that you are not required to pay for storage or maintenance of the booth. Over time, minor repairs and updates may be needed to keep a trade show booth in good condition. Additionally, storage can be an issue for businesses that do not have the space to store their booth on-site. For rental booths, these expenses are the responsibility of the exhibit house from which you rented the booth.

Show Set Up & Dismantle

Unless your staff is proficient at booth installation (and has the time to do it while at the trade show among their other commitments), you will need someone to set up and dismantle your booth. This cost varies among exhibit houses, as some include this cost into their complete rental price, some offer it as an add-on, and some do not offer show set-up or dismantling at all. Always check with the company from which you intend to rent your trade show booth to find out what all is included and what you can add on.

Booth Accessories

When you rent a trade show booth, you will still have to pay for any booth accessories at your show, such as flooring, lighting, and furniture. However, you will want to be sure to talk to your exhibit house about these add-ons as you may be able to rent them at a lower cost than through your trade show contractor. Always check the rules for any show restrictions on who you can use before you sign on the dotted line, however.

Ready to Choose a Rental?

If you’re ready to start the process of selecting a rental booth, give us a call at Team One. Our team is experienced with both custom and rental booths, so they can give you the most honest, clear-cut advice to steer you in the right direction. Call Team One today! 678-846-3374