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Exploring Today’s Exhibit Trends: LED Lighting

One thing is certain about trade shows: having appropriate lighting to illuminate your display and attract visitors is a must. While exhibits of the past either went sans lighting or simply included small halogen spot lights, today’s exhibits are seeing a trend of using LED lights in new and unique ways beyond just highlighting the booth. LED bulbs burn brighter and cooler than the older bulbs of the past, like halogen or incandescent bulbs, and they last substantially longer making them a worthwhile investment. LEDs can be implemented into trade show booths in a number of ways.


Although a classic trade show booth design element, spotlights are an excellent way to showcase your booth. Whether it is an overhead spotlight or floor uplight, you can direct the light to show off your branding, a product, or even simply a comfort area where you want to draw visitors. You can easily create a uniquely illuminated exhibit with LED arm/stem lights, track lights and light stands. Including a spotlight on your booth’s prominent features is a classic way to draw attention to that particular design element, and using LEDs are a safer, worthwhile investment that will result in a more dramatic appearance.

Recessed Accent Lighting

Trade shows are often held inside large spaces with high ceilings where lighting can easily get lost, creating a dark, unwelcoming atmosphere. By incorporating recessed lighting into an overhead display, into the floor, and behind graphics, you can help illuminate your space, which will make it both more approachable and welcoming to visitors passing by. Additionally, with ample lighting, visitors will be able to see your products and branding more clearly. The options are nearly endless for where and how you can illuminate your space.

Kinetic Lighting

Technology is really becoming a game-changer for exhibit spaces as it enhances the displays exponentially from the way they were first presented at trade shows. Recently, kinetic lighting has started to make an appearance at trade shows. Kinetic lighting uses LED bulbs to light up when people walk by or interact with your booth, and it can be used to create graphic visuals by using light like pixels. This lighting option is certainly a showstopper as it adds an exciting element that will undoubtedly draw in passers by.

Hologram or Lights?

Similar to kinetic lighting, you can create a high-definition digital light show, wall, display — nearly anything you can imagine — using LED lights. While this is a higher-end option that certainly requires more than an LED light bulb, it will no doubt wow visitors at the trade show.

Colored Lighting

Incandescent and halogen bulbs were limited in the hues in which they were offered. LEDs, however, can come in a range of colors. In a sea of white lights, showcasing your exhibit in a color that is part of your branding can make for a memorable display that stands out from the rest.

Lighting is important!

Incorporating lighting into your trade show booth is imperative for a successful show. LED lights are here to stay, so consider incorporating them into your next booth. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, we are happy to create a booth that includes LEDs to make sure that your booth is a showstopper! Contact us today to get started.