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How A Museum Display Differ’s From A Trade Show Exhibit

Museum Displays vs. Trade Show Exhibits

Designing a museum display is always a challenge. Working in the trade show industry we’ve learned how to welcome and overcome challenges on a regular basis; it’s a must! For nearly 10 years we’ve practiced confronting common trade show issues and helping our clients to succeed in there areas of expertise. You may have read in our blog post on the Cobb County Safety Village about how much detail went into that museum display. Typically, museum displays tend to require far more intrinsic detail in the design and fabrication. The reason for this should be easy to understand; on average, museum exhibits stand for longer periods of time.

A portable or modular trade show exhibit may stand for an average of a week or two then it comes down. Even with rental booths, if they are used several times throughout the year many of the graphics and details change on a consistent basis. A museum design could stand for years at a time before any major changes are made. *This is not the case 100% of the time*

Overall however, museum displays and trade show exhibits are very similar. They both look to gain the interest of the audience and give information. Here is the main difference between a museum displays and trade show booth:

A museum display focuses more on education; a trade show exhibit is created to promote a particular product or service.

Trade show exhibits and museums both require great detail but for the most part they speak to different audiences. For customers in search of museum displays or trade show exhibit fabrications, we offer full service trade show display services.