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How to Choose The Right Exhibit Company

When you are ready to start exhibiting, selecting an exhibit company to build your custom exhibit booth can be daunting. There are many exhibit companies in the market, and you may not know where to start when it comes to evaluating them to make the best choice for your business. We’ll help guide you through what to consider when choosing an exhibit company so you do not make a costly mistake.

Consider The Exhibit Company’s Experience

Though new exhibit companies that offer excellent service, good prices and smart ideas may exist, they may not have the experience to avoid mistakes that can cost your business money and satisfaction. Experienced exhibit companies know what will work well for a company and what will get an exhibitor results without the pitfalls. Experienced exhibit companies will also have a nice portfolio that will demonstrate their experience, giving you more than just their word.

What Does The Exhibit Company’s Portfolio Contain?

When you are checking out different exhibit companies, their portfolio will say a lot about what they have done and what they can do. If an exhibit company is not familiar with the size and type of booth you need for your next trade show, you may run into problems or end up with a booth that does not quite meet your expectations. Look for an exhibit company with a robust portfolio that really shows their capabilities. Do you have a large island booth or peninsula in mind? You will want to see examples of these types of exhibit booths.

Can Your Exhibit Company Design Your Booth?

Exhibit designers play a critical role in making your booth visually appealing and attractive to exhibit attendees. However, not all companies that manufacture exhibit booths actually handle design as well. When you are choosing the exhibit company for you, be sure to choose one that is experienced in trade show booth design. The overall attractiveness of your exhibit booth makes a big difference in how successful your company will be at the trade show. Everyone wants their booth to stand out, and having an exhibit company that can not only manufacture your booth but help you with design can take your exhibit booth to the next level.

Can The Exhibit Company Manufacture Your Booth?

Once you have a great exhibit booth design, you need to build it. Another characteristic of an exhibit company that you should strongly consider is whether or not the exhibit company will manufacture your booth. If they have to send it to a third party for manufacturing, it will likely take longer and cost more to build. Additionally, when showtime comes, any last-minute fabrication will have to be sent out, which could be disastrous for your show. Exhibit companies that have the skill and ability to manufacture booths are well-versed in understanding what works best structurally, which ensures that your booth not only looks great but functions great as well.

Looking For an Exhibit Company?

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