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Staffing Your Trade Show Exhibit

How To Find The Right Staff For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Originally published on 4-13-2012

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right staff for your next trade show exhibit? When it comes to your success at an event your staff is crucial! You could have the most gorgeous booth design, graphs your staff can bring everything together the event may not succeed.

We know what you’re thinking, If the staff is that important then what can we do to ensure that we choose the right people? Well, here are a few things to consider when hiring staff people for your trade show event.

Enthusiasm moves merchandise. The main objective of this trade show may not be to make a thousand sales in one hour but at the end of the day you want to get your information into the hands of the right people and gather as many contacts as possible. Event staffing agencies like Emme Girls help to make this easy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you can get a pretty model that can hold a conversation and make your products look good at the same time then you’re in the right lane.

Find someone who is knowledgeable of your products or industry. A pretty face is one thing, but having specific knowledge of products and services can help to build a strong conversation and good rapport. You should overlook the people that are already on your payroll. They are able to make decisions that outside staffing can not.

Meetings keep people on the same page. Make sure that everyone meets before the trade show begins. It makes it easier to speak to everyone at one time versus trying to convey the same message several time over to every staff member. You can motivate everyone, keep them aware of the same goals and answer common questions that may arise.

Considering the advice mentioned above, you should be able to locate the right people for the job using this information.

Remember, the right staff for your exhibit can mean the difference between a successful event or not. Contact Us!