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How to Get The Most Out of a Trade Show Rental Agreement

With trade show season ramping up, many companies are opting to use a custom exhibit rental instead of buying a smaller scale design outright — and with good reason. Trade show booth rentals offer a significant savings to marketers with the ability to customize designs and without the hassle of owning an exhibit. There are a number of benefits to selecting a custom exhibit rental, and we’re going to guide you through some of the benefits you should be looking for in your next exhibit rental agreement.

Storage and Maintenance Savings

One of the most attractive elements of a renting a custom or standard design trade show booth is that you are not liable for damages, maintenance or upkeep as you are when you own your own booth. Renting releases you from having that liability hanging over your head, and this is an item that you will want to ensure is clearly laid out in your rental contract. Additionally, storage should also be included. When using a rental (custom or standard) trade show booth, you should not have to store your rental property in-between shows, which means you can save big on costs and on space.

Graphic and Branding Incorporation

Most companies pay a pretty hefty penny to get their branding established for their company. With that said, the exhibit design house that you choose to use should allow you to incorporate your own, established graphics. Most have the capability to print graphics and/or use your existing work, so this should not be an issue. If you don’t have branding established, it might be wise to work with your design house and a graphic designer to get these things squared away before you select your final design.

Bonus Buys

When you’re ready to sign with a design house on a custom exhibit rental, ask about bonus buys before you wrap things up. Often, a trade show design house will offer you savings to choose their products over the show contractors’ products, which are often sold at a premium price. Things like carpeting and carpet pads, furniture, etc., can be negotiated into your rental contract. This means that you will have one less thing to worry about and one more benefit to selecting a rental.

Multi-Show Agreements and Discounts

When you decide to go with a rental, ask your exhibit house designer if they offer cost savings for multi-show rentals. If you intend to reuse your custom rental or standard rental for more than one or two shows, you may be eligible for deep savings. While each design house may have their own discount packages for multi-show agreements, this is certainly something to inquire about before you sign on the line as you could find yourself in a position to save money year over year.

Rent or Buy: Benefits to Each

Overall, choosing to use custom exhibit rental over owning a display can be an extremely low-risk, wise decision for your business. Whether your company selects booth ownership or rental, there are a number of benefits to each; you just have to evaluate which would work best for your business. If you’re interested in learning more about custom exhibit rentals, contact us at Team One to get started!