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How to Stretch Your Trade Show Booth Budget

As you are looking ahead to the next year of trade shows, you may be wondering how you can economize your trade show booth and stretch your trade show booth budget. Trade show booths are an investment that can last for multiple trade show seasons. There are many ways that you can stretch your trade show budget and make your booth last. Keep reading to learn how you can do both!

Reuse Your Booth

If you invested in a custom booth, use it year over year. These booths are expensive and built to last. While you may have originally only planned to use that particular booth at a specific event, there is no harm in using that same booth at other trade shows and for years to come. Reusing your booth is a great economical decision. There are a number of options and ways you can refresh your booth’s look without having to design and purchase an entirely new booth, saving your budget and your time.

Refresh Your Graphics

By choosing graphics that can easily be changed out, you will save yourself (and your company!) a considerable amount of money. Fabric graphics are a great way to easily change the look of your booth, messaging, and even your logo. Custom booths are expensive, but opting for design elements that can be easily updated, such as fabric graphics, will allow for more flexibility down the road. By choosing to simply refresh your graphics, you can stretch your trade show budget by not having to purchase an entirely new booth.

Change Up Flooring & Furniture

Another way to give your booth a fresh look is to change the flooring and furniture. Often, these items will be rented at each show. Changing the flooring for your booth can instantly change the look of your booth, along with what options you choose for furniture. Since this changes at every show, this is a great way that you can budget for a fresh new look at every show, even when reusing the same booth. This keeps your budget in check and your style current.

Choose a Style That Lasts

One of the easiest ways to stretch your trade show booth budget is it make sure your current booth has staying power. When designing your booth, choose a classic design that will continue to work in years to come, regardless of what trade show booth trends may come and go. If you have a booth style that is no longer appealing, you will risk losing the interest of prospective customers and/or visitors at the trade show. By choosing a style that lasts, you are saving the cost of purchasing a new booth or updated elements, which certainly helps your bottom line.

Store Your Booth Properly

Additionally, you will want to make sure that you are properly packing and storing your booth. If you booth gets wet, be sure it is fully dry before packing it away. This will prevent mold from growing, which can destroy any part of your booth that isn’t metal, such as fabric or any posters. Each year, inspect your booth to look for small repair needs. It would be wise to address those issues while they are still small before they turn into a larger problem. You will also want to make sure that you take care in packing your booth away so that you do not compromise any of the components by bending, tearing, or otherwise harming your booth. Properly storing and maintaining your booth will help save money in the long run.

Choose a Rental Booth

Rental booths are an excellent option if you want to change what booth you use each year (or even each show!). Rental booths are not entirely custom, but there are a number of ways that you can make a rental booth unique to your business. You will want to talk with an exhibit house to see what options are available to you with regard to customizing a rental booth. Another added bonus of rental booths is that in many cases, you will not have to store your booth at your business as the company from which you rent it will store it for you. Renting a booth offers huge cost savings compared to purchasing a custom booth.

Overall, there are a number of ways that you can stretch your trade show booth budget. If you’re interested in learning more about our rentals, fabric graphics, or custom booths, contact us today!