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How Virtual Reality Can Boost Booth Performance

Recently, we wrote about exhibit trends that are taking trade shows across America by storm, and it was no mistake that virtual reality (VR) was included in that list. Virtual Reality, a newer interactive technology that creates a computer-simulated environment that users can interact with as though it were real. Users wear a headset and truly experience an alternate reality, offering marketers the ability to engage with trade show visitors in ways unlike ever before.


Virtual reality is a super exciting new experience for show visitors, and its newness is certainly still fresh. Offering a VR experience in your booth will certainly turn heads in the exhibit hall!

With large trade shows offering seemingly miles upon miles of trade show booths, fighting for attention can require some creativity. When considering offering a VR experience, it is important to make sure to make the right decision for your VR machine. If you go with a cheaper unit, you may not be able to deliver the interactive experience your potential customers are expecting. Right now, there are two brands in the VR space that are putting out equipment good enough for professional and commercial use. These brands are the Occulus and HTC. Occulus has the Rift and the Quest, while HTC offers the VIVE. If you try to spring for cheaper VR units, both you and your visitors will be disappointed. Don’t forget to keep in mind that these machines need a computer with performance parts (graphics card has to be gtx 1070 or newer) to get the best picture quality for your interactive. Virtual reality is still relatively new to trade shows, so offering this to guests will certainly grab their attention, and it’s a great way to pull people in for a conversation.


While showstopping displays may garner a trade show booth visitor to stop and look for a moment, virtual reality offers a unique opportunity for booth staff to truly engage with the visitor. Though your staff won’t likely be making any sales pitches during the VR experience, it does provide a hugely valuable chance to learn more about prospective customers’ wants and needs.

Virtual reality truly provides a chance for interaction like never before. For example, VR car companies can do things like allow people to interact with concept cars that may not even exist. Choosing the right VR setting can really create a memorable connection. By creating a virtual model, people would still be able to do things like walk around the car and look inside at the interior. VR is an excellent solution for any exhibiting company that brings tangible products to the show floor because it allows people to still demo their products without having to physically ship their product to the show.

Engagement is critical at trade shows, and a virtual reality experience offers that to show attendees. Creating a VR experience that is unique to your product or experience is key. Remember, you want visitors to remember your brand and product, not just that they played a fun game at some booth.


Offering a VR experience at your trade show booth will create a lasting impression on customers, especially if you’ve put considerable thought into it. Selecting the right VR equipment, incorporating your branding, and crafting a VR experience that is unique to your business is imperative to keeping your business’s name on the forefront of visitor’s minds. While it’s great to garner the attention of visitors passing by, and even better to cultivate an opportunity to have a conversation, leaving an impression on visitors is critical to closing a sale after the event has wrapped up. In fact, visitors who remember your booth specifically may even be inclined to reach out to you for your services if they found what you offered to be both attractive and memorable.

Generate Leads

Virtual reality experiences also provide an excellent opportunity to gain a prospective customer’s contact information with the trade show visitor’s consent, of course. You might have them provide contact information to use the virtual reality experience headset. This provides a valuable tool for you to follow up after the trades how has come to a close. There are many ways to do this. You could have an online sign in or you could simply collect business cards, but either way, offering VR gives you an excellent opportunity to get information with which to follow up.

Boost Booth Performance With Team One!

Interested in learning about more ways you can make your booth more exciting? We can even design your booth and allow you to walk around it before it’s built with our VR capabilities! Contact us at Team One to find out how your booth can turn heads, make an impression, and create results with virtual reality!