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Make the Most of Your Trade Show Booth: Use Giveaways to Increase Traffic

Similar to contests, giveaways, also known as trade show swag, remain a popular item to help entice visitors to stop at your booth. Trade show booths that do not offer giveaways do not see the traffic that other booths offering giveaways do, and part of that may be because they can add a unique visual element to passersby. Undoubtedly, you will have some attendees that make their rounds to go “shopping,” with a quick smile in exchange for a giveaway item, but don’t let that deter you from offering attendees something to take home. Not only can giveaways serve as a helpful reminder of your company when everyone gets back to the office, but they can also help engage trade show booth visitors when they are walking the trade show.

Offer Useful Items

If you’ve ever attended a trade show: you know the reality of packing up to go home and ditching the items in the hotel trash that you know you don’t really want or need to take back on the flight. Don’t waste your budget offering items that aren’t useful to trade show booth visitors. Some trade show classic giveaways include small office supplies brandishing your company logo and contact information. No matter what you choose as your trade show booth giveaway item, giveaways should serve a dual purpose, which means they should increase booth traffic but also serve as a reminder of your business when they get back to the office.

Try Something Unique

While traditional trade show booth giveaways, such as pens, notepads, and miniature first-aid kits, have certainly stood the test of time, items like popsockets, webcam covers, and mobile chargers are great options if you’re looking for something a bit outside of the ordinary. These are unique items that will definitely create a buzz but aren’t so far out that they seem gimmicky or hotel trash can worthy.

Small, Easy to Pack Items

Again, many folks travel to attend trade shows, which means they are traveling light. If they checked a bag, they may have a little more room, but let’s be honest: when space is at a minimum, large or bulky items that don’t truly offer a benefit will get ditched first by trade show novices. Those who are experienced trade show veterans won’t bother to pick up those items at all, leaving the exhibitors more to pack up and bring back to the office. By choosing smaller items, you have a higher likelihood of drawing visitors to your booth and having them keep the item as a reminder of your business in the future.

Use Trade Show Giveaways in Conjunction With Social Media

The great thing about social media is that it works very well in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques used to boost trade show booth traffic, allowing you to really make the most out of your booth investment. Entice folks to come and visit your booth with a special giveaway that’s exclusive to those who saw your post on social media. It doesn’t  have to be expensive, but the exclusivity will certainly draw attention.

Pick a Giveaway That Makes Sense

No matter what show you attend, you’ll want to get an item that makes sense for your company’s trade show budget and business. Just as you plan for the design of your trade show booth (we’re here to help!), you’ll want to choose items that work for you and your business.