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Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Booth

When your company decides to exhibit at a trade show, it is an investment that should bring about a solid return. Getting new leads, cultivating relationships and expanding brand recognition are just some of the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show. But how do you maximize these opportunities? You can increase booth traffic and take advantage of the benefits of exhibiting by effectively marketing your booth in advance, offering giveaways, and more. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most out of your trade show booth!

Advance Marketing

Let people know where you will be in advance to increase your chances of having the right people stop by your booth. By utilizing marketing techniques such as sending out direct mail pieces, e-blasts, and even making phone calls to hot prospects ahead of the show to set a meeting can help secure your chances of having a successful show.

Use Social Media

Going hand-in-hand with marketing, using social media is another excellent way to drive traffic to your booth. Prior to the trade show, make sure that you are promoting your booth across all social media platforms that your company uses. Engage users with pictures and videos as you’re getting ready for the big show. Additionally, once the trade show is in progress, post live updates so people know what they’re missing and want to visit your booth in person. Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are excellent social media tools that can help drive more traffic to your booth.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways are a staple at trade shows. While you will certainly have some people who simply go shopping through the booths without any intention of stopping and talking, you still may be able to steal away their interest. Additionally, for those who do stop and talk, having a memento of their interaction with you can help them remember your conversation, increasing the chances of doing business after the show is over. There are a variety of contests that you can host to engage visitors. From the business-card-in-a-fishbowl to social media check-ins, use your imagination to entice visitors to stop by and interact with your booth staff.

Graphics and Signage

When you’re designing your booth, ensure your display effectively communicates your branding in a concise manner. You want people walking past to get a glimpse of what your company is about and want to know more. Using impressive graphics combined with solid messaging will certainly draw people into your booth.

Charge Your Visitors

Offering complimentary charging stations can help your prospective customers charge up their device’s battery, which will certainly leave a positive impression. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to talk to them while they charge up.

Product Demonstrations

If you’re selling a unique or new product, bring it along to the show and offer product demonstrations. Trade show attendees love to see some action, so providing visitors with an enthusiastic demonstration of your product can help increase traffic.

Revitalize Your Booth

Overall, there are a variety of ways that you can drive traffic and make the most of your trade show booth. If you are struggling with how to make a splash at your next show, contact us at Team One Exhibits to see how we can help revitalize your booth.