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Making Room for Storage in Your Trade Show Booth

When you plan your trade show booth, you are likely thinking of your visitors, your competitors and the people who will be walking the show floor. However, one often overlooked component of a trade show booth is remembering yourself and your storage needs during the show. There are a lot of items that you will have on the trade show floor but that you do not want on display. Take a moment to read some storage tips that you can use at your next trade show!

Opt for Double-Duty Storage

If you’re looking at furniture for your trade show booth, avoid pedestal stands that offer no storage. There are a variety of tables, workstations, and podiums that have built-in cabinets that can help store extra marketing materials or giveaways when not in use. If you have a small in-line booth, you may be able to maximize the space behind your display (likely you and your neighbor behind you will ultimately create a storage zone). Be sure to keep it organized and clean, and always be a respectful neighbor.

Custom Storage Solutions

If you are in the process of building a brand new custom trade show booth, make sure to express to your designers your desire to include functional spaces that will incorporate inconspicuous storage. Especially if you are designing a large space, you may even have room to include a small closet into your design. The beauty of having a custom booth is that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to design, and your trade show booth designer can work with engineers to figure out ways to make room for everything.

Have a Plan, Know What You Need

Adequate preparation is key to having a successful trade show. You may not need to have everything on the show floor during the event. Some items can be brought back to show storage, some can be kept in your hotel room, and others need to be on the floor. However, do not wait until you arrive at the show to know what you need on the floor and what you don’t. Make a plan for storage so you know where your items will need to go and how you will store them.

Secure Important Items

At minimum, there are usually hundreds of people — sometimes thousands depending on the show — who will pass by your booth or have access to it. It is always better to be cautious than be sorry later. Make sure any sensitive proprietary information is safely secured (or not kept on the showroom floor at all), as well as raffle prizes (such as gift cards or expensive bottles of champagne), personal belongings, or any other information that is important to you or the company. If you’re creating a booth, see if you can incorporate a locked storage case into your design. Otherwise, you may want to keep these items on your person or locked in the hotel room safe if you do not have the ability to secure these items with lock and key.

Ready to Incorporate Storage Into Your Next Booth?

If your current booth just isn’t working for you, and you’re ready to design a new trade show booth, contact us at Team One! Our experienced designers and engineers can create a booth that works for your business — and one that includes plenty of in-show storage.