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Modex 2020 – Utilizing Smart Logistics and Cutting Edge Technology for Your Exhibit

For supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics solution giants, Modex 2020 is an incredible opportunity to learn about the newest technology in the logistics industry. With over 900 exhibitors, the possibilities for networking are seemingly endless. As you’re beginning to plan for your exhibit at Modex 2020, consider taking advantage of using a local design house for your trade show booth. It could mean the difference between a wildly successful show or a mediocre appearance at a world-class trade show.

For those in the logistics industry, getting things from point A to point B is all part of the job. Why not save on drayage costs when it comes to shipping your exhibit booth to and from Modex 2020? When you use a local design house like Team One Exhibits, you’re getting the benefit of an incredibly talented design house with value engineering combined with the convenience of the perfect location. It simply makes sense to use an exhibit house located right in Atlanta — especially if Modex 2020 will be your biggest show of the year. Saving on shipping costs can free up space in your budget to make your trade show booth even more spectacular by allowing you to allocate those funds to better serve your business.

Save on Storage

Especially when exhibiting at a trade show like Modex 2020 where all the stops are pulled, most exhibitors will be showcasing large, expensive booths. The larger the booth, the more storage space is required. And when more storage space is required, the storage rates can become quite costly. Choose to store your custom exhibit booth at your local design house that offers ample storage space or select a custom rental from a company that offers an impressive inventory of rental booths. Team One Exhibits offers both.

Local Advantage

No one ever wants to think about last-minute changes until they need to be done. However, planning ahead can prove to be a wise decision. At Modex 2020, every exhibitor will be showing off their very best assets through their exhibit booth. In the event that you need a last minute alteration, or even if anything needs to be fabricated, having a local exhibit house with the capabilities of offering on-site service or quick changes could be a life saver. When you’re choosing who to build your trade show booth for Modex 2020, find one that puts you above the rest.

On-Site Show Supervisors

On-site show supervisors are a must-have when it comes to exhibiting at a large trade show like Modex 2020. For many exhibitors, it’s simply the peace of mind that comes with having an industry expert checking your booth and ensuring everything is functioning as it should that makes the cost of having an on-site show supervisor worth it. On-site show supervisors act as your company’s show concierge, getting everything installed properly, dismantled efficiently, stored and the details communicated to your company contact. Each day of the show, from before the show opens until after it ends, the on-site show supervisor is there to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, since Modex 2020 is just a stone’s throw away from the Team One Exhibits Atlanta headquarters, we’re offering free on-site show supervision for those who choose Team One for their exhibit design house. You read that right: free on-site show supervision for Team One customers at Modex 2020.

High-Tech Capability

Modex 2020 is all about showing off tech — from automation to innovative time savers. The opportunities to showcase your company’s work run the gamut from huge video tile walls to creating an on-site demo when you use a design house that offers next-generation technical capability. Our design engineers have been in the industry for decades and stay current with the latest technology to ensure that we are competitive with what people want to see at high-tech trade shows like Modex.

Contact Team One Exhibits Today

When you’re looking for trade show booth ideas for Modex 2020, look no further than Team One Exhibits. We can help you plan a booth that will inspire your customers, steal the attention from your competitors, and truly showcase your company’s brand in the best light possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design your Modex 2020 exhibit booth.