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Obtaining the Ideal Trade Show Display Booth

Organizations looking to make a bold statement at a major event frequently rely on 10×30 trade show booth displays to achieve this goal. Displays of this type are portable, easy to assemble, and come in a variety of unique shapes and designs. This allows business owners to choose the shape and design that best meets their needs while making a statement at the function.. Furthermore, booths of this size ensure the message being delivered is received. What options should an organization consider when selecting a booth for this purpose?

Is 10x 30 the Right Size?

One thing business owners want to ensure when choosing a trade show booth is every inch of space will be required. Why pay more than is necessary for a marketing tool of this type? When a 10×30 booth is selected, the company obtains 300 square feet of space to be used for any purpose.

It is best to allow a minimum of 40 square feet for each employee manning the booth. This helps to prevent workers from running into each other or feeling crowded as they engage with visitors. In addition, reserve roughly 30 percent of the square foot for use by the guests.

Next, take into consideration the number of visitors to the booth at any given time. Is the goal to engage with each person as they visit or is the company hoping to draw large scores of guests at one time, such as when a video clip will be played? If the goal is to have personal interactions, plan for ten square feet per guest. If large groups will be present, reserve 2.5 to 4.5 square feet per guest.

The goal is to encourage attendees to visit the booth while still meeting the company’s marketing goals. Too much space isn’t cost-effective, but too little may lead to guests passing by without stopping. Think like a guest and choosing the appropriate size of the booth becomes easier.

Determining the Design of the Exhibit

Now that the booth size has been determined and the company feels a 10×30 display is appropriate, it’s time to move the focus to the exhibit design. Often, businesses find the best way to determine which trade booth display is needed is to discuss with the booth provider the vision for the display. He or she works with clients every day to determine the best option for the specific company’s needs. The goal remains to create a display that truly represents the brand while making the best use of the space within the booth.

Island Booths

Garner attention in a crowded facility with the help of an island trade show booth. Displays of this type remain open on all sides, allowing for better interactions and more leads. They command attention thanks to their size and leave the visitor with a positive impression when they are done properly.

Businesses making use of this display option find they have the ability to customize the booth to meet their unique needs. Add audio and video to engage visitors until an employee becomes available to assist them or hang signs to direct guests to the booth. Spotlighting is one feature every organization should consider incorporating into the booth and the same is true of an area for hospitality. The ideas are truly endless when one chooses a booth of this type and size.

Peninsula Booths

Certain situations call for a trade show display booth to have at least one wall. Peninsula booths fit the bill when this is the case. Three sides of the display remain open to ensure the business obtains the maximum reach and exposure while the fourth side is available to be used as a video wall or for another purpose. Organizations find this type of booth to be ideal when hanging structures will be a part of the overall display.

Linear Booths

Linear trade show booths, frequently referred to as inline exhibits, remain common within the industry. This type of booth limits access for visitors to the business but serves as an effective way to secure the guest’s attention and obtain a lead. This display serves as an excellent backdrop for graphics, spotlighting of a product, and audio/visual equipment but isn’t appropriate for hanging structures in most cases.

The Purpose of the Booth

Every trade show exhibitor wishes to accomplish one or more goals when taking part in the event. Some organizations showcase new products and services, others carry out product demonstrations, and certain companies use the venue to network with possible customers and social influencers. Choosing this size allows the company to reserve different sections for different purposes, allowing more to be achieved during the event. A private space for meeting one-on-one with clients can also be established with a 10×30 booth.

Designing the Booth

Thanks to the space available when a 10×30 booth is selected, companies might attempt to cram as much into the booth as possible. They believe doing so helps to get their message across when it can actually deter potential visitors. What does one need to keep in mind when designing the space?

Balance is key in a booth of this size. Ensure the booth has visual appeal to draw guests in without overwhelming them, and present only those facts that are most important. Leave them wanting to learn more.

Next, consider the focus on the display, and the rule of thirds becomes of great help in narrowing this focus. Reserve one-third of the designated space for new products, one-third for popular items offered through the company, and the final third for the item to be promoted during the event. Using this method helps to ensure the booth visitor learns important information and is encouraged to do more research into the company offerings.

Repetition is key when it comes to branding at trade shows. Fortunately, a 10×30 booth allows for plenty of this. Thanks to the countless visual distractions found at a trade show, a company cannot highlight their brand enough. Keep this in mind when designing the booth for the best return on investment.

A 10×30 trade show display booth is ideal for most organizations. The company can alter the design to meet the specific needs of guests at different events. For this reason, the booth becomes a versatile tool that more than pays for itself over time.