One of the largest trade shows in the country is none other than Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. We included this show in our list of the top 10 trade shows because it offers so much to both exhibitors and visitors alike. Keep reading to learn more about having a trade show booth at CES […]

One thing is certain about trade shows: having appropriate lighting to illuminate your display and attract visitors is a must. While exhibits of the past either went sans lighting or simply included small halogen spot lights, today’s exhibits are seeing a trend of using LED lights in new and unique ways beyond just highlighting the […]

When you’re looking ahead and trying to plan which trade shows to attend, it can very quickly become a daunting task. Nearly every industry has a multitude of national, regional, and local trade shows. Where do you even begin? When choosing which trade show(s) to attend, it’s important to consider the potential return on your […]

If your last few trade show events have seen lackluster results, it may be time to overhaul your booth and make it interactive and fun. With so much competition from other exhibitors, your booth must engage and attract attention from across the room. These entertaining and interactive trade show booth ideas are sure to get […]

One never knows what they will see at a convention. Businesses use a variety of ways to attract visitors to their site, from costumes and clowns to beautiful women handing out marketing materials. However, do these methods actually work? Many experts feel they do not and provide a dismal return on the company’s investment. Nevertheless, […]

Exhibiting at a trade show, conference, or other event is a great way to connect with a large segment of your target market and exert influence through face-to-face marketing.  Many companies find that trade shows are an invaluable piece of their overall marketing plan, especially when they’re able to customize their exhibit for each show. […]