When you want to generate a buzz about your business and drive traffic to your trade show booth, incorporating signage and graphics will ensure you’re making the most out of your booth. Beautiful displays will naturally attract visitors, giving you a shot at converting more leads and getting a better return on your investment. Keep […]

Similar to contests, giveaways, also known as trade show swag, remain a popular item to help entice visitors to stop at your booth. Trade show booths that do not offer giveaways do not see the traffic that other booths offering giveaways do, and part of that may be because they can add a unique visual […]

Smartphones are everywhere, and it seems like nearly everyone is engaged in some form of social media. It’s no wonder people feel that way. The statistics back it up: the Pew Research Center reports that among adults in the United States, 81% own a smartphone, and 7 in 10 use social media. With these numbers […]

As you are preparing your trade show booth for an upcoming event or conference, you will want to be sure to have a marketing plan in place. By marketing your trade show booth effectively, you will drive more traffic to your booth, which in turn provides more opportunities to make sales. There are a number […]

For those in the automotive industry, the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s trade show, more well known by its acronym SEMA, offers a glimpse at the future of automotive specialty products. With exciting reveals and show-stopping booths, this is one trade show that won’t disappoint exhibitors and attendees alike. When you’re looking to exhibit for the […]

When your company decides to exhibit at a trade show, it is an investment that should bring about a solid return. Getting new leads, cultivating relationships and expanding brand recognition are just some of the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show. But how do you maximize these opportunities? You can increase booth traffic and […]