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Routine Maintenance For Your Custom Trade Show Booth

If you have invested in a custom trade show booth, you likely intended to use it for many years, using it at different shows in your local area and very likely across the country. This means that your booth will be installed and dismantled multiple times, packed up and shipped multiple times, and that it will sit in storage for extended periods of time when it is not in use. The key to longevity for a custom trade show booth is ensuring that it is stored properly and that maintenance needs are handled routinely. But what is routine maintenance for a trade show booth? Let’s explore what you should be looking out for — and fixing — over time.


Replace Trade Show Booth Graphics

Fabric graphics are a huge part of your trade show booth’s design. They vividly display your company’s branding as well as create visual interest for those passing by and visiting your booth. Over time, graphics can take a beating, especially when they are used frequently. Regularly inspect your graphics and take care to replace graphics that begin to look worn out or become damaged. Graphics are an easy part of your trade show booth to replace, and the benefit is that you can update them when you update your company’s graphics as well. This keeps your booth looking fresh, well-maintained, and current with your branding scheme.


Refurbish or Replace Trade Show Booth Structural Parts

Over time, the structure of your trade show booth may become worn down. If these issues are left alone and necessary repairs are not made, these parts can break. During your routine maintenance inspections, take special note of the condition of your trade show booth structure. Replace or refurbish structural components as needed to extend the life of your trade show booth.


Replace Trade Show Booth Electrical Components and Lighting As Needed

Through the process of installation, dismantling, and shipping, electrical components, such as light fixtures, are more prone to becoming damaged. Additionally, light bulbs burn out and cords may become pinched or broken. Take care to replace these elements as needed as they are both a necessity for safety as well as to keep your booth looking fresh and new for years to come!


Check Your Trade Show Booth Case

Sometimes routine maintenance includes caring for the case your booth lives in when it is not in use. Check out the interior and exterior of your case and make sure that it can adequately protect your booth. If your case is damaged or is missing necessary padding, either get it fixed or get it replaced. This will help prevent damage to your booth.


Need Trade Show Booth Repairs?

If your trade show booth is in need of repair or refurbishing, contact us. Our experienced technicians are qualified to design, engineer, and build custom trade show booths as well as to maintain them. We can make repairs onsite in our state-of-the-art shop. We are happy to help you with any of your trade show booth needs!