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Save on Costs by Traveling Smart When Exhibiting

When you are exhibiting at a trade show, you will likely be traveling to the show venue and staying overnight for a few days. Including trade show travel into your trade show budget is important as these costs can add up. While you are preparing for your trip, take advantage of these tips to save on costs at your next trade show!

Book Travel in Advance

When a trade show is being held out of town, you will have to pay to travel — and most likely by plane and car, depending on the location. Monitor flight prices starting from about four months to  three weeks ahead of your trip to take advantage of the lowest fares. Some hotels offer free shuttles to and from the airports, which adds to cost savings. You may be able to find coupon codes for discounts on Lyft or Uber rides, or you can hail a cab. Not booking your flight in advance can result in higher ticket prices and more limited flight availability.

Book Lodging in Advance

Most trade show venues partner with a hotel (if the venue itself doesn’t have lodging accommodations) to offer a discounted rate for those attending the show. Book your rooms in advance to take advantage of the special rate. Pay attention to deadlines as the discounted rate is usually available for a specified time period. Additionally, booking early helps to secure a room as they tend to sell out quickly, especially at larger trade shows. Not booking in advance can result in having to book at a nearby hotel that may not offer a discounted rate, plus you would have to pay for travel to get to the show (not to mention the inconvenience!).

Pack Smart

When traveling for your trade show, it is best to ship all exhibit materials together. Heavy materials, like flyers or brochures are heavy, which can put your luggage over the allowable weight. This can result in extra charges, which means you may up paying just as much in shipping. However, you may want to carry-on expensive raffle prizes or other small items, especially those that are costly, as keeping them with you offers peace of mind and a little extra security knowing they won’t get lost along the way.

Ask Your Exhibit House About an On-Site Show Supervisor

When you are working a trade show, you want to be able to present your best self to prospective clients or customers. When you’re choosing an exhibit house for your next trade show booth, whether a rental or a custom build, ask about any value-added services, such as on-site show supervisors. On-site show supervisors can ensure that your booth will be set up properly, and they can handle any installation issues as they arise. Worrying about last-minute issues with your booth, getting things set up properly, and packing things up to ship out at the end of the show all without hassle are all things with which an on-site show supervisor can assist you in handling. In some cases, you may be able to get this service at a discounted rate or even as an added bonus if you purchase a custom-built exhibit. This is a huge savings in both time and money.

Overall, there are a number of ways that you can save money when exhibiting, but making smart travel decisions can certainly impact your budget in a good way! If you have questions about your next exhibit booth, contact us at Team One Exhibits and we can help you out.