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Save on Shipping Costs With Your Next Trade Show Booth

Shipping is undoubtedly a huge line item cost on a budget for trade shows. Like most companies, you are probably looking for ways to save on shipping, especially as it fluctuates from venue to venue and between different cities across the country. The good thing is that experienced trade show exhibitors know there are some ways to keep shipping costs down. Keep reading to learn some ways that you can save on shipping costs when exhibiting at your next trade show.

Smart Engineering

The first step in saving on shipping costs starts with your trade show booth. The heavier the weight of your booth, the more you can expect to pay in freight, time, and shipping costs. Using lightweight materials, such as aluminum instead of steel and fabric graphics instead of vinyl, will help keep your booth lightweight and less expensive to ship.

Ship Together

While it is important to keep your booth lightweight, you also want to consider the number of shipments you make. The exhibit booth that ships together stays cheaper. Multiple shipments will certainly drive up your shipping costs because you are adding another round of fuel, time, and handling to your shipping costs. You also run the risk of losing important packages. Shipping everything together will certainly result in a less expensive line item — and a less stressful event, too.

Ship On Time (Or Early!)

When you pay to exhibit at a show, you need everything there. By shipping things on time, you ensure that your booth materials and even the booth itself will be there and ready to go at show time. If it’s possible to ship things in advance, take advantage of this option. Nothing is worse than getting close to show time and realizing you forgot to ship something, resulting in extra fees for expedited shipping and potentially even extra fees from the exhibit venue or general contractor.

Use an Exhibit House

When you use an exhibit house, they can help you make good decisions when it comes to creating and shipping your booth. Some exhibit houses will help you coordinate shipping and make recommendations to get your booth looking the way you want it to look while taking advantage of lightweight materials. When you buy a pop-up booth from a one-stop shop, you won’t have expert advice at your disposal. Additionally, using an exhibit house is more advantageous in the long run. If you choose to simply go with a one-stop shop, you may pay less up front, but you will likely end up paying more for that booth over time, especially with shipping costs.

Contact Team One Exhibits

Keeping your booth light and easy to ship is one of the things that we do best at Team One Exhibits. We are happy to make recommendations while working with you to create your next custom designed booth or even your rental booth. Call us at 678-846-3374 to get started!