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Storing and Maintaining Your Custom Trade Show Booth

When your company has invested in an owned custom trade show booth, it was likely an investment into both the present and the future. When properly cared for, custom trade show booths can last through multiple trade shows and for multiple years. Proper care of a trade show booth includes appropriately storing and maintaining your booth. Learn what you can do to ensure your custom trade show booth will last the test of time.

Clean Your Booth

Before you pack your booth up to go in storage, cleaning your booth can also help you identify any areas that are in need of repair and remove any dirt or debris that could rub on graphics or get caught in connecting pieces. Additionally, dust and dirt from shipping can sometimes get through your booth, so cleaning your booth once it is out of the box can ensure that it looks fresh at each show.


Properly storing your custom trade show booth is a necessary part of booth ownership. By taking the time to properly dismantle your booth and box it up appropriately, you are taking measures to properly secure your booth. This will prevent accidents that can result in damage to your booth. Before packing up your booth, be sure to give it a proper inspection and take note of any areas of concern.

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspecting your booth for wear and tear is required when owning your booth. This way, you can identify small problems and address them before they become larger issues. Keeping an inspection log can help you keep track of what areas needed repair when, as well as when those repairs were made. Inspecting your booth can help you get the most life out of your custom trade show booth.

Routine Maintenance

Just as you would with any large investment, proper routine maintenance can help extend the life of your trade show booth. When you complete your regular inspections, you should also block off some time for routine maintenance. Routine maintenance for your booth can include replacing light bulbs or batteries, ensuring connecting pieces are greased if needed, and replenishing any items in your trade show floor kit.

Repairs as Needed

Just because something might need to be fixed on your custom trade show booth does not mean that it is time to throw in the towel. There are some simple repairs that can help extend the life of your booth while you budget for a new booth or save on costs. Making simple repairs as they pop up can help prevent larger issues from occurring, and it can help increase the number of shows at which your booth can be used.

Need Help with Repairs, or Ready for a New Booth?

If your current booth needs refurbishing, we are happy to help. We offer trade show booth repair and refurbishing services out of our Atlanta, Georgia location. Additionally, if your booth just isn’t working any longer, we can help you design the perfect booth for your company. With industry experts and experienced fabricators, we can ensure that your next booth will be a showstopper that will last for years to come. Contact us today to get started!