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The Affordable Option: Trade Show Rental Booth

Trade show rental booths remain a solid options for businesses that are not ready to or don’t want to commit to a custom booth or for businesses that simply do not have a custom booth in their budget. Luckily, rental trade show booths are an affordable option that offers a stunning booth without the stunning price tag. How do rental trade show booths keep costs low? There are a number of costs that are not incurred with a rental exhibit. Keep reading to learn how rental booths are truly an affordable option for businesses.

No Custom Design Costs

Time is money, and it takes time to plan and design a trade show booth. Eliminate this line item cost with a rental booth that is already beautifully designed! Rental trade show booths are created in standard sizes that fit most trade show booth spaces. Though the designs will display your branding and prominently display your company name and/or logo, the actual structure of the booth will be fairly simple. The simplicity of the structure does not compromise on the beauty of the actual booth. You can still get a booth that looks great without paying the custom design costs.

No Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a booth can be expensive, and it only gets more expensive the longer you own the booth, which for most companies, should be several years. The great thing about rental booths is that you do not have to pay for the upkeep of the booth. You may pay a small fee to cover cleaning costs, or you may pay a refundable damage deposit, but neither of these compare to the total cost to fully maintain a booth year over year. Be sure to review your contract to find out what fees your will incur. Each exhibit house is different and may or may not charge these fees.

No Expensive Frills

Affordable options typically do not include the most extravagant features — after all, that’s what makes them affordable! Rental trade show booths offer clean simplicity in their designs without the expensive frills. If you’re looking for a trade show booth that offers a completely unique look, you may want to look at a custom trade show booth. Rental booths don’t provide fancy frills – but that also means you’re not paying for them. Save on your budget and opt for affordability with a trade show rental booth.

Quality Materials – Affordable Price

One thing to notice about rental trade show booths is that they are typically assembled with high quality, strong materials. This makes the structure durable, ensuring longevity and the ability to be reused by different customers without drastically deteriorating the frame and booth mechanics. Get a quality booth at an affordable price when you rent!

Ready to Rent?

If you’re reading to move forward with renting a trade show booth, contact us at Team One Exhibits. Though rentals come in standard sizes and designs, there are plenty of opportunities to put your mark on the display and make it your own. We’re happy to walk you through what can be done with an affordable rental trade show booth!