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The Exhibit Trend Destined to be a Staple: Comfort Design

In years past, when exhibitors and trade show visitors were packing for their next trade show, there were two personal items that were a must have: comfortable shoes. Exhibitors and visitors would spend almost the entire show on their feet, on hard concrete, walking miles upon miles making the rounds, setting up their displays, and working the event. While trade show visitors and exhibitors will still likely clock some serious stepping, one exhibit trend that will likely be here to stay is making that time spent on your feet more enjoyable.

Casual Seating

Casual seating at an exhibit is like a moth to a flame. Tired trade show booth visitors will flock to a comfortable seating area, which will give a respite to the seemingly endless corridors of booths. There are a number of ways to incorporate seating, from comfortable couches to high top tables and chairs or even themed furniture that goes with a design. For example, if you’re exhibiting at SEMA, your booth might feature vehicle seating. No matter how it’s included, you will be sure to see visitors come and take a load off, thankful for the seat and willing to chat about your business. As we mentioned in our recent blog post about exhibit trends, about 15-20% of your space designated to casual seating. Because of its versatility and ability to capture an audience, seating will always be a draw to other exhibitors and show visitors alike.

Foam Floors/Padded Carpet

Did we mention that it’s a lot of walking at trade shows? It really is! Typically, the floors are concrete or marble (equally as rough on your feet) in the large open banquet areas or halls. If your booth has a comfortable foam floor designed to look like wood or padded or even double-padded carpet, you will be sure to see visitors sticking around for awhile. This comfort feature has evolved over the years, and we certainly don’t expect to see it fade away any time soon.

Charging Stations

We live in a mobile society with everyone attached to their phones. While the battery life of many mobile phones has extended to offer longer life, trade shows can absolutely zap power for everyone still trying to conduct business while on the road. Offering charging stations is a nice comfort that makes it easier for showgoers to communicate and handle business, which will certainly be appreciated.


What better way to be hospitable than to offer a light snack and refreshment. When coupled with comfort seating, soft flooring, and charging stations, you might just find your guests sticking around for a bit longer than you anticipated. You may still have folks opt for a beverage on the run, but branded napkins/plasticware may help them keep in mind who quenched their thirst.

Planning Your Next Booth?

If you’re getting ready to begin the process of planning for your next booth and you would like to incorporate some of these comfort design elements, contact us at Team One to see how we can make your vision a reality. Give us a call at 678-354-7101 or contact us using our online form.