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The Master Guide to Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

If your last few trade show events have seen lackluster results, it may be time to overhaul your booth and make it interactive and fun. With so much competition from other exhibitors, your booth must engage and attract attention from across the room. These entertaining and interactive trade show booth ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing, so your next event is more productive than ever before.

Why Is Your Trade Show Booth Design So Important?

First impressions are essential in the business world. If your booth is not professional and engaging, it will speak negatively about your company’s brand. The point of trade shows is to attract customers. How have your past booth ideas fared at exhibitions? If lackluster seems to be the word of the hour, it is likely time to refresh your cache of ideas and come up with something new.

Six Amazing Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

The interactivity of a trade show booth adds to the level of excitement for attendees. If your trade show booth is not interactive, you are missing out on engaging your audience from the very beginning. You can use a combination of online and offline elements, greatly increasing interest and improving the reception of your business. Allow these six ideas to spark your creativity and get you thinking outside of the box.

  1. Interactive games are all the rage at trade shows and for good reason. Being able to test your skills in a fun trivia game or compete against others draws in tons of people. The trade show booths that implement gaming strategies into their booths almost always garner plenty of attention. If you look for crowds hovered around booths, you are likely to find some type of gaming element present.
  2. Prize wheels and contest pop-ups are other interactive options that should be considered when planning your trade show booth. One of the biggest benefits of these games, is they allow you to gather lead information with no prompting. Attendees simply walk up and play. Since you will not have to be involved in helping them play, you can focus on talking with those who are showing interest in your products and services, so you can seal the deal.
  3. Including a leaderboard is one of the best ways to get people hyped about your booth. Everyone loves to see their name in lights. Having a leaderboard in place not only attracts potential customers, but it also encourages people to take pictures. With the proper branding on your leaderboard, you are looking at free advertisement with attendee posts to social media.
  4. Photo booths are an excellent way to drum up interest in your brand. Today, many people take selfies. Give them a unique branded prop, and they will pile in for a chance to take a fun picture. Photo booths not only increase interest, but they also help to break the ice and get attendees talking. Add in fun elements that make your photo op area stand out from the rest.
  5. Product demos are standard at trade shows, but getting the audience involved in the demo changes the playing ground. Show attendees how to use your products and then let them try them out. What better way to get your potential customers interested in your products?
  6. Try implementing a little virtual or augmented reality into your trade show booth and see amazing results. This technology is fairly new for consumers, and it seems most people are curious regarding what it offers. Even if your business is not involved in technology, you can still implement a VR display that allows visitors to see your products in an engaging way. These fully immersive displays will dramatically increase interest in your booth, even if they are first attracted only by the novelty of it all.

To garner the highest level of interest for your booth, interactivity is a must. Without interactive displays, your booth will probably be perceived as boring and out of touch. Today’s trade show attendees demand more than paper-covered tables and boring pamphlets.

The highest level of engagement begins with interactivity. Even the most reserved of trade show attendees is likely to get excited about winning prizes or showing off their knowledge. When you see big smiles and hear the laughter, you will quickly understand why interactive elements are so vital.

Choose Your Interactive Elements Wisely

When deciding on interactive displays and elements, carefully research your options. Never be afraid to look at what your competitors are doing so you can improve your own efforts.

When presenting your products to trade show attendees, ditch the industry jargon and make sure you are speaking in laymen’s terms. Not only will your potential customers better understand your products, but they are also more likely to remember what you presented.

Taking careful thought regarding every element of your trade show booth display will help you obtain much higher levels of attention from attendees. Your planning process should begin months before the actual exhibition, so you have time to devote to making the right choices.


Interactive displays are a critical part of any trade show booth design. The more you can engage your audience, the longer they will stick around. You put a lot of time and effort into your trade show booth, so make sure you are not doing so in vain.

As with any element of your trade show booth, interactive displays should always be cohesive with your brand. You want to put forth a positive reflection on your company and provide a consistent brand experience across all platforms, including your trade show booth.

Try out some of the above ideas and contemplate which ones will bring the highest level of engagement to your booth. As you exhibit at more shows, you will gain greater insight into creating phenomenal experiences for attendees, so your booth stands out from your competitors and gains the recognition it deserves.