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Trade Show Booth Design Styles

So, you’re ready to secure a new trade show booth for your next conference or expo — congratulations! Making the right choices as to how best represent your company and brand are critical to ensuring a successful show. But where do you begin? There are certainly a lot of options when it comes to the style of trade show booth design you select. Regardless of whether you are renting or purchasing an exhibit booth, you are still in control of the trade show booth design type and style for your company. We’ll walk you through some of the more common trade show booth design styles you can incorporate into your next booth.

Size & Type of Booth

There is a wide variety of sizes of booths available at different conferences, as well as types of booths you can choose from. Most commonly, you’ll find in-line or perimeter booths, which typically come in booth sizes of 10×10. Occasionally, you will find these booths in larger sizes. For those looking to make a statement, larger sized booths will certainly make that happen, and those are most often found in island trade show booth designs or in peninsula style trade show booths.  Plan on a 20’x20’ trade show booth size at minimum to make a big impact on your audience. Of course, you’ll want to plan ahead and see the layout of the conference(s) you’ll be attending so that you can see which option would work best for the events at which your company plans to exhibit.

Portable Trade Show Booth Designs

When exhibiting at a smaller show or a show at which you’re attending simply to have an appearance, portable panel designs, pop-up booths or banners are all options that can accommodate your needs. A simple banner is a great option for just having a table display as it obviously does not take up as much space as an actual booth design. And of course, modular designs are a great meet-in-the-middle type that combines simplicity, affordability, and compact size into one. While modular designs may require some tools to assemble, your marketing staff may be able to set these up themselves with a little instruction. These options are more affordable than larger booths, but keep in mind that they will not make a lasting impact on your audience the way that a larger display does.

Statement Trade Show Booth Designs

If you’re looking to really make a statement and get the most for your money at your next conference or trade expo, a structural trade show booth design may be the ticket. Although ambitious staff may be able to handle set-up and take-down, hiring onsite show supervisors to assist with setting up and breaking down is definitely the best option to ensure there are no hiccups when it’s showtime. Structural displays can appear in a variety of different styles. Tension fabric designs are stretched over a lightweight frame. Truss designs are more elaborate and can be configured in nearly any way you can imagine — these are most often found in the grand displays positioned in island or peninsula locations at shows. Hybrid designs take a variety of booth designs and combine them into one beautiful display. As you can see, there are a variety of trade show booth designs that can fit your vision and make a statement at your next show!

Graphic Options

Choosing the style of graphics for your next display is a really fun aspect of designing a trade show booth! Whether you’re looking at having a vinyl graphic display or fabric graphic stretched over an aluminum truss canopy with your brand emblazoned for all to see, high-quality graphics are a must-have when it comes to trade show booth design. Be sure to choose a shop that can handle dye-sublimated graphics or mounted vinyl graphics. This element is critical and can really open up a world of opportunity when it comes to style.


Trade shows are often in large spaces, which means that lighting isn’t always the best. LED lights can do wonders for making your graphics stand out and in making your booth visible to trade show attendees. You can even add in some color to make your exhibit exude fun and creativity. Adding a simple truss with spotlights or incorporating them into your booth can make the difference between a dimly lit display and a showstopper.

A/V Options

While static displays can still be impressive and garner a lot of attention, adding an audio/visual component to your booth can really wow your audience. Features such as video walls, computer stations and sound can set your booth apart from the rest. Having these features seamlessly integrated into your booth makes for a beautiful design that elevates your brand that displays both intuitiveness and ingenuity.

Get Started and Design Your Booth Today!

While this is just a short list of options for the design of your trade show booth, it encompasses the basics of trade show design that you will want to consider. When you’re ready to take the next step and select the trade show booth that is right for your business, contact us at Team One.