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Trade Show Booth Design Types for 20’ x 20’ and Larger Exhibits

Trade shows are an excellent way to showcase every aspect of your company, including everything from customer service to the products and services sold. When exhibiting at a larger conference, having an impressive trade show booth 20×20 or larger can help your company make a statement that is memorable to prospective customers. If you are interested in securing a larger booth space for your next event, these trade show booth design tips will help you get the most out of your exhibit experience.

When to Secure Your 20’ x 20’ Trade Show Booth 

When you start to receive information about the conference or expo, you should receive a layout of the conference space — this information will come out at least a full year before the event date. Often, reservations will be made at the current year’s conference for the following year. It is important to reserve your 20’ x 20’ trade show booth as soon as possible because there are often a limited number of these premium spaces. While the sizes available are dependent on the location and space available at the expo or conference, there are typically opportunities to secure space that is even larger than 20’ x 20’. Securing a large space ensures that your company will dominate the event. If your company is not used to securing such a large space, it may be daunting at first. However, the right trade show company will design a space that captures attendees’ attention and ensure that you get a return on your investment.

What 20’ x 20’ Trade Show Booth Type to Choose

For larger, premium exhibit spaces, there are a few different trade show booth types available, including island trade show booths, peninsula trade show booths, and inline exhibits. Each of these trade show booth design types offer unique opportunities to interact with attendees and showcase your brand.

Island Booths

Island trade show booths are the cream of the crop, offering the ability to capture attention from all sides. This gives your company a greater chance to interact with attendees and secure more leads. Island trade show booths are typically at minimum 20’ x 20’ and are frequently seen in encompassing even more square footage. Island trade show booth designs command the attention of everyone in the room because of their sheer size — attendees cannot miss these oversized exhibits, and when done well, they will leave a lasting impression on those who attend. There are a number of design perks to having an island booth. These exhibit spaces are usually allowed hanging structures, offer audio video capability, space for hospitality and more. Video walls, expansive graphics, spot lighting and more. You can see an example of an island exhibit space that we recently completed for Victrola at the CES 2019 show.

Peninsula Booths

Similar to island booths, which are open on all sides, peninsula booths are open on three sides offering the ability to maximize exposure and reach. If you opt for a peninsula trade show booth 20’ x 20’ or larger, you will likely have the opportunity to have hanging structures that require a larger booth space. Peninsula spaces have a shared side that can’t be utilized for marketing; however, the three sides allow ample space and opportunity to reach potential customers. Team One client Haarslev recently took advantage of the peninsula design, which featured a large video wall.

Inline Exhibits

Inline exhibits, sometimes called linear trade show booths, are fairly standard and are typically offered in smaller trade show booth sizes of 10×10 and larger. However, there may be an opportunity to secure a large inline exhibit depending on the size and scope of the trade show you will be attending. Inline booths have limited access for attendees as opposed to island or peninsula style booths, but the right design will secure attendees’ attention and give you the opportunity to get a lead. Inline exhibit spaces can typically hold beautifully designed trade show booths with graphics, product spot lighting and even audio/visual equipment. These spaces are not usually allowed hanging structures, but check with your conference as each event is different.

Choose an Exhibit That Works

At Team One Exhibits, we are here to work with you throughout the planning, designing and manufacturing processes so that you get a booth that works for your business. With our experience, smart engineering and designing expertise, we can help you create a 20’x20’ or larger exhibit space that truly gives back to your business. Contact us today to set up a consultation!