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Trade Show Exhibit Trends Taking 2019 By Storm

With each year, trade shows offer a platform for the latest cutting edge technology, exciting marketing tools, and new methods for engaging visitors at the show. With the 2019 trade show season already kicked off, we’re going to explore some of the trade show exhibit trends that have taken this season by storm and that will surely be a staple for the rest of the year (and maybe even years to come). Some of the most popular trends we have seen thus far include virtual reality, comfort-based design elements, specialized lighting and themed booths. Keep reading to learn why these trends have become so popular.


Virtual Reality

With the interactive capability of virtual reality (VR), this component is more than just a buzzword. Virtual Reality offers a unique experience at trade shows that draws in show visitors and exhibitionists alike. Exhibitors are finding that including this element in their booth not only draws a crowd, but it helps to enhance the experience for visitors making visitors more likely to stick around and learn more about a product or service. Plus, they’re super fun and still relatively new to the market, which adds excitement.


Comfort-based Design Elements

Gone are the days when trade shows were void of the comforts of home. Today’s trade shows offer a variety of comfort elements by incorporating anything from plush couches and cushioned designer flooring to coffee makers and charging stations. Casual seating areas are a good place to welcome attendees and buyers who need a break. Typically, you want about 15-20% of your space designated to casual seating. Offering visitors these comfort-based elements will entice them to stop by and stay awhile. While certainly all the hard-working folks at the show will still be tired by show’s end, these elements of comfort are a welcome addition.



The huge open exhibit halls of major trade shows often manage to suck up all the light, creating a dimly lit fluorescent experience (yuck). While most exhibitors have invested in spotlights to highlight their branding and/or products, 2019 is seeing higher-end lighting. LEDs are very popular now and are usually added as recessed accent lighting. LEDs can also be integrated into the floor, behind graphics and even in your hanging sign. This year, trade show booths are even including fancier kinetic lighting that is responsive to individuals as they walk by or interact with a display, which surely wows the crowd. Additionally, large lighting displays and even light shows are creating an experience that exhibitors and visitors really haven’t seen before, making it an exciting experience for all. There are a number of special lighting combinations that can meet your desired exhibit style, including overhead quartz lights, arm/ stem lights, track lights and light stands. Lighting is certainly an important component to booth design now and in the foreseeable future.



While exhibit booths of the past relied strictly on brand recognition and style, some of today’s exhibitors are offering booths that are themed. Especially for those who are renting a booth, they have the ability to change their booth for each show. What better way to create a memorable booth than to offer a fun and engaging theme?! Many trade shows will have a show theme for that year, and tying into that theme may help give your booth some extra recognition.


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