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Trade Show Marketing Ideas – Preparation

Preparing for a Trade Show

Originally published on 4-06-2012

Preparing for a trade show exhibition takes patience, requires you to pay a lot of attention to detail and takes practice to get better and better. You may have just left one of the biggest trade show events of the year and you wished you would’ve did a few things differently. Perhaps you just want to brush up on your trade show knowledge. Staying ahead of the wave calls for constant studying. Hopefully this post will help to shed a little insight in the right direction of your trade show success.

Prepare a list

The obvious things to handle in advance may be the very things that slip under your radar and you forget about. Make yourself a list of the things that MUST be done before hand.

Create and share the marketing plan

Having a marketing plan and making sure that every person on the team is on the same page is vital. When everyone is aware of the overall achievement it makes the objective easier to accomplish.

Engage the people with open ended question

Prepare 4 to 8 questions to ask attendees at the event. You can give these questions to your staff before the show or have them participate in creating them. Ask open ended questions that begin with who, what, where, when, why. Avoid, if at all possible asking generic questions like, “How are you enjoying the show?” or “Can I help you?” You want to connect with people and be original. A trade show is a great way to get in touch with your industry and the people.

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