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Understanding Trade Show Exhibit Booth Graphic Types

When you’re planning for a show-stopping custom exhibit booth that’s 20×20 or larger, you’ve got plenty of space to offer an exciting array of graphics. Graphics offer an excellent opportunity to display your branding But where do you begin? There are a number of different types of graphics and costs associated with them. Keep reading to learn more about trade show booth graphics and what would work best for your business.

Fabric Graphics

Fabric graphic displays have taken the trade show industry by storm due to their versatility, vibrant colors, and wide range of benefits. Fabric graphics are lightweight and easy to store because they don’t have to stay rigid, which cuts down on shipping and storage costs.

Additionally, a company can easily refresh their image while keeping the same structure by simply updating the graphics that slide over the structure. This can be done on any type of trade show display, whether it’s a pop-up booth, overhead cube, or the entire truss system. Advancements in graphics technology, like the use of dye-sublimated graphics, have made fabric graphics appear vibrant in color with rich hues, which makes them an excellent option for trade show booths.

Standard Graphics

Standard graphic panels are a tried and true type of trade show booth graphic. High-quality signs with vivid color can give your booth an appealing image for trade show visitors. Long-range graphics can appear on either traditional panel graphics or on fabric graphics, but both allow visitors to see the graphics from a far distance, which makes them an excellent choice for island booths, peninsula displays, or standard large booth sizes. Long-range graphics can also be cheaper on a square-foot basis than fabric graphics. Short-range graphics will help keep your booth visually interesting and provide information up close to visitors who have stopped by your booth. Traditional graphics are a little bit bulkier and may take up more space in storage, as they are usually Dye Cut/ Plotted Vinyl , Printed and Laminated Vinyl, or direct to substrate printed; however, they certainly still have a place in the exhibit world.

Digital Signage

Another option to display graphics is to step out beyond traditional static graphics and incorporate digital signage displays. These often come in the form of video tile walls, which offer an eye-catching display of really anything you choose, but also could come in the form of digital signage on TVs, touchscreen displays, and tablets. Digital displays provide exhibitors the opportunity to show a promotional video, offer an overview of services, or display branding in a unique, large format. Digital signage opens the door to a whole new world of trade show design.

Choose Team One for Your Next Exhibit

No matter what type of graphic you choose to incorporate (or if you choose to incorporate all three types), having an exhibit house that is experienced in graphics production is essential. Not only do we have the equipment to produce a variety of displays, but we have nearly two decades’ experience building custom and rental booths for our customers. We’re happy to help you sort out what you need for your next booth. Contact us today to get started!