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Why Exhibit at PPAI 2020

The PPAI Expo is a large-scale trade show ran by the Promotional Products Association International, coming to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2020. The PPAI Expo focuses on the Promotional Products Industry, with exhibitors displaying their best and most inspiring products. It offers an extraordinary opportunity for both distributors and suppliers to showcase their capabilities while exploring and learning about new promotional product offerings. Those in the promotional products industry should certainly consider exhibiting at this expo for the invaluable networking and educational opportunities available during the event.

Who Attends PPAI?

The PPAI Expo is an exclusive show that is closed to the public and does not admit anyone under the age of 16. While it presents a tremendous opportunity for members of PPAI, there are some qualification requirements for attendees. If a company is a member of the following associations, that business is eligible to attend PPAI. Those associations include: current PPAI member; Regional Association member; Adventures in Advertising franchisee; Proforma franchisee; distributor member of DistributorCentral; or a SAGE subscriber.

For prospective members, distributors who wish to attend can gain entry by providing invoices from three different promotional product suppliers totaling at minimum $100, excluding samples, dated within the last calendar year; be sponsored, in writing, by at minimum three current members of PPAI; be in the promotional industry for three months; and have promotional product annual sales volume of at minimum $15,000. Suppliers who are not members must be exhibiting or be Supplier and Business Services Members may pay a $500 fee for each badge registration. Non-member suppliers who are not exhibiting are not permitted to attend.

PPAI by the Numbers

According to the expo website, over 20,000 professionals assembled for the Expo last year. The

PPAI Expo brings together 13,000 distributors from more than 4,000 companies, which gives visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to reach a huge audience. Those interested in joining the 1,200 exhibitors at the PPAI Expo will benefit from the million square feet of show space. The large size of the show allows for companies to truly showcase their offerings with an amazing peninsula or island displays that command attention. The floorplan also allows for those looking for smaller in-line displays to get plenty of foot traffic.

Planning to Exhibit and Need a Booth for PPAI?

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