Rental booths offer a great deal of flexibility compared to custom, company-owned trade show booths, which is one major reason that companies opt for a rental. The other standout reason that companies choose a rental booth over a custom booth is the lower up-front cost. It is important to recognize that while rental booths are […]

Exhibiting at trade shows is an excellent way to promote your brand, capture new potential leads, and even make some sales. One key item needed to exhibit at a trade show is a trade show booth or exhibit, meaning the actual display structure that occupies your reserved space at the trade show. Though many companies […]

For trade show exhibitors, the big question when planning for upcoming shows is whether or not to build a custom trade show booth or opt for a rental booth. Realistically, there are benefits to each option depending on your circumstances. Choosing your booth is a big decision, so let’s take a look at some of […]

Purchasing a custom trade show booth can be daunting — and very costly up front. There is an alternative, however, to building a completely custom booth. You can choose to rent a trade show booth, which offers both flexibility and upfront cost savings. Though it is valid to have concerns that that a rental trade […]

When you are exhibiting at a trade show, you will likely be traveling to the show venue and staying overnight for a few days. Including trade show travel into your trade show budget is important as these costs can add up. While you are preparing for your trip, take advantage of these tips to save […]

Shipping is undoubtedly a huge line item cost on a budget for trade shows. Like most companies, you are probably looking for ways to save on shipping, especially as it fluctuates from venue to venue and between different cities across the country. The good thing is that experienced trade show exhibitors know there are some […]