AANS Annual Scientific Meeting
San Diego

Design Challenge: 7D Surgical makes some of the most advanced image guided surgery equipment on the market. Their products are innovative and constantly challenging the status quo of current neck and spinal surgery processes. 7D wanted to incorporate their MvIGS or Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery into their booth, so potential clients walking by could stand in front of the machine and see the results displayed on the screen in front of them. They wanted the monitor to display the results; a 3 dimensional graphic of their face produced by their MvIGS machine. This was their goal, so they could quickly show their capabilities to someone who happened to be just passing by. They wanted us to figure out how we can incorporate their tech right into the booth.

Design Solution: Team One Designers knew that 7D needed a design that looked clean, elegant and most importantly, integrated directly into their technology. The initial design hit home for the 7D team, we had designed perfectly what they had in mind. A 20×20 exhibit that screamed futuristic, yet simplistic design. The exhibit featured a special compartment in the main pillar that housed one of their MvIGS cameras. The camera was not able to be seen to the naked eye as it was incorporated directly into one of the main upright structures of the booth. The response it generated from the crowd was overwhelming and it helped 7D to be recognized for an Innovation Award from NASS 2018.