IPPE 2019
Atlanta, GA

Design Challenge: This was HAARSLEV’s second time contracting with team One Exhibits at IPPE. In 2018, we knocked their design expectations out of the park, so in 2019 we had some big shoes to fill when they approached us wanting a completely new design that could meet their budget. They had a 20×40 space at IPPE and wanted to incorporate a large video tile wall as well as a huge amount of dye-sublimated fabric graphics. The size of the IPPE show demanded a grand exhibit space. This event was very well attended with over 33,000 attendees and just over 1400 exhibitors. Their main objective was to make a statement.

Design solution: Our designers flipped their switch and the rest unfolded seamlessly. Team One’s massive design for HAARSLEV incorporated a grand video tile wall that was six tiles by four tiles wide for an approximate size of 120” tall by 80” wide. The wall showed a looping video of their machinery processes and product lines. Additionally there over 664 square feet of graphics on this booth that stretched overhead to create a header that was nearly 20 feet tall.