How it Works

For customers looking to get things moving, the first three days of our 15-day process allows for us to work consultatively with our customers to discover their needs and vision.

Over the next five days, we put that vision to paper by creating a working design for our client to review. The next seven days allow for customer feedback and design tweaks to finally, by day 15, have a finished plan that we can bring to life.

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Days 1-3 Information gathering from clients and schedule a design
  • Gather Client Ideas and Insight
  • Discuss Booth Requirements
  • Identify Annual Trade Show Schedule
  • Confirm Budget
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Days 4-8 Creation of Design
  • Designer Creative Meeting
  • Identify and Create Brand Messsage
  • Send to Client for Real-time design changes
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Days 9-15 Client Feedback and Design Revision
  • Gathering Structured information and make necessary changes to design
  • Work closely with client to hone in final design
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Day 15 Final Design Confirmed