How We Work

With a collaborative process that incorporates your vision, addresses concerns, offers open communication and works on your schedule, we keep you a part of the process every step of the way.

When we start a project, we set specific deadlines to ensure that you know what to expect and when. These deadlines are customized to fit with your schedule, budget and show deadlines. While we offer our customers flexibility if they need it, we also have a 15-day process that keeps serious and consistent customers on track to get a quote and design quickly.

For customers looking to get things moving, the first three days of our 15-day process allows for us to work consultatively with our customers to discover their needs and vision. Over the next five days, we put that vision to paper by creating a working design for our client to review. The next seven days allow for customer feedback and design tweaks to finally, by day 15, have a finished plan that we can then bring to life.

Once we’ve produced the exhibit, we set it up in our warehouse to ensure that everything was manufactured properly and that setup and dismantle will go smoothly for our customer. We even invite them to our warehouse to see the display in person if they so choose.

From there, the booth goes to the customer and is ready for the show. We can be there for the duration of the show with our onsite show supervisor services if the customer chooses, and as the years go by, we offer refurbishing and repair services in the event that the booth needs to be touched up. No matter what, our process puts the customer in the driver’s seat to choose how they want to work with us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority — we’ll do everything we can to keep you happy and your booth looking beautiful.