Trade Show Displays

Learn about custom trade show displays, booth and exhibits

Portable Trade Show Displays

A sharp trade show booth exhibit gets the attention that can increase booth traffic. What types of trade show display you should consider depends on your budget, and your particular needs. Your choice of design impacts setup time, and what you can do maximize visual impact. Our trade show display consultants can work with you to find the best display system for your needs.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Our custom trade show displays do not fall in any particular style or category. Major corporations hire us to create large, custom trade show displays take several days to assemble. These displays are designed to accommodate heavy floor traffic, and promote branding in grand scale. We have complete in-house capabilities to design and manufacture custom trade show displays of virtually any size. We also offer on-site management services to install and dismantle your custom trade show booth. Our portfolio shows some of our top booth design ideas, with striking architectural touches.

The average small to mid-sized business utilizes portable displays that work with booth spaces from 10’x10’ to 10’x20’, and up to 20’x20’ in size. Portable systems offer the easiest setup and tear down, minimize booth shipping costs and usually have minimal maintenance needs. These displays can be customized to a lesser degree – typically limited to custom graphics.

Types of Portable Displays

Pop Up Displays

Pop up exhibits are a relatively lightweight exhibit solution that provides a full size backdrop. The backdrop can be customized in solid colors or graphics, and enhanced with exhibit down-lighting. A pop-up display utilizes an expandable framing system upon which the graphics panels are hung. A popup display can usually be set-up by only one person in under an hour, and does not require special tools. A popup trade show booth is stored and shipped in one or two containers that can be hand carried.

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric exhibits are a relatively lightweight trade show booth solution that provides a flat or contoured backdrop. Tension fabric designs are popular with exhibitor wanting a booth that is easy to setup, and that has eye-popping graphics. Tension fabric displays use a lightweight aluminum framing which is covered with a stretch fabric with screen printed graphics enhanced with down-lighting. A popup display can usually be set-up by only one person in under an hour, and does not require special tools. A popup trade show booth is stored and shipped in portable containers that can be carried by hand.

Aluminum Beams & Trusses

Aluminum truss and light gauge beams allow for an exhibitor to build-out a display of a larger size. This framing system offers an ability to customize layouts and configurations. By varying the types of panels, banners and lighting it is possible to design a portable display with a higher-end look. A truss system is especially useful when an exhibitor wants extra height, or to “frame-in” their booth area.

Tents & Banners

Branded tents and fabric canopies are popular for vendors at outdoor festivals, concerts, and special events. Tent and canopy displays are available in a variety of colors, and can be screen printed with logos, slogans and messages. These systems use a very lightweight aluminum framing system with fabric tops, and optional side walls, banners, valances and trim.

Panel and Table Top Displays

Panel and table top displays are ideal for conference room displays, and small events where a modest presence is appropriate. Table top displays are typically a three to four panel system that unfolds. This system is self-supporting and does not require a support frame. Although this is a simple display the panels utilize custom graphics and images.

Banner Stand Displays

Banner Stands are commonly used as part of a larger exhibit display to enhance brand recognition, feature a message or promote a single item. A banner stand display utilizes high resolution graphic design panels supported by telescoping stands, retractable stands, tension banner stands, or semi-rigid formed panels. A typical banner stand is three to five feet wide, and six to eight feet tall.

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