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Trade Show Booth Rental

!–Our booth rental services can get you a dynamic booth like major corporations.–>Trade show booth rental services are part of what we offer. We can work with you to furnish the display and services that you need. We can simply provide a display or act as a robust extension of your marketing department. We invite you to give us a call to learn more about our booth rental options, and why you should let us be your display provider.

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How to arrange for a rental display

We understand that a trade show is an important investment for your company. To learn more about our booth rental services, or place an order, simply give us a call during normal business hours. We offer personal consulting to find the best solution for your needs.
Providing excellent customer service is a top priority within our company. For our rental customers this means making sure we:

  • Understand your needs and guide you to the most appropriate type of display.
  • Offer support services such as graphics design, on-site and post-show services.
  • Work to arrive at the lowest reasonable cost for everything you need.
  • Deliver a display booth in good condition, and with all required components.
  • Maintain good records of your order to assist you with future needs.

Rental Exhibit Options

Types of Rental Displays: Our inventory of booth rental displays ranges from small simple booth backdrops to large modular displays. Terms people use to describe these types of displays are portable displays, island exhibits, modular displays, island exhibits, kiosks, workstations, counters, pedestals, and double deck displays. We can also provide AV rental equipment, furniture, display lighting, graphics and signage.
Rental Display Sizes: Our rental displays start with elements for a basic 10′ booth. We offer modular display systems which can be built-out to accommodate virtually any size booth space. Our ability to customize configurations and layouts also goes vertical with our double deck displays. We will work with you to find the best possible system for your needs.
Designs and Graphics: Our booth rental display systems have eye-catching designs, shapes and details. To increase visual appeal and promote your brand we offer graphics design services. We can create custom signage, banners and elements to semi-customize your display. After your event we can ship your graphics to you, or store them at our facility for future use. Other options to enhance the design of your display are custom display lighting, special flooring and AV displays.
On-Site Show Services: We offer on-site show services and post-show services. Generally this includes installation and dismantle services. We can provide show staffing including models, spokespersons and entertainers. We can handle any aspect of your trade show schedule including registrations, logistics and more.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

For many companies it makes perfect sense to rent a trade show display. Obviously the most common reason is it’s cheaper to rent than buy a custom trade show display. If your company attends very few shows then booth rental is definitely something you should consider. By renting a display you are not saddled with the time and cost to maintain the asset, and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with an outdated look. A rental display means you will always have a booth in good condition, and avoid those years of trying to make a dilapidated system “make it through one more show”. If you’re a first time trade show exhibitor booth rental is a great way to get started.
For companies who attend many shows a rental display company solves common issues. By working with us you are assured of always having the type of display(s) you need with no availability problems. If you have shows with overlapping dates, no problem! We can provide as many show displays as you need. If you attend multiple shows, and need varying size displays, no problem! We can provide whatever size display you need for any show, convention or expo event. If you need flexibility and reliability we are the booth rental company you need to call.