Display Repair & Refurbishing

We can keep your booth display in top shape

Team One offers trade show booth display repair and refurbishing services for most types of trade show displays. Our company strives to provide prompt turnaround times. We have competitive prices for quality repair services.

Repairs extend the life of your display

Trade show booth repair and refurbishing services.Whether your display is small or large it probably was a sizable investment for your company. Timely maintenance and display repairs can extend the useful life of your exhibit. Exhibit assembly and dismantling are the times when displays receive the most damage. This includes damage occurring during display shipping which is caused by careless packing. Common trade show display repairs are to panels with loose carpet or fabric, damaged connection points, tears and stains. Sometimes our repair services include providing extra panels or parts for emergency on-site repairs.

Help us to help you

In managing repair jobs it’s often beneficial to know the original manufacturer, and any specifics you can provide. Repairs requiring us to match a fabric or replace a unique part can go faster if we know who to contact. When we can’t locate a specific part, match a fabric or such we can often find a suitable workaround.

Exhibit display cleaning and maintenance

We can clean your display and inspect it for damage. Often, the marketing department managers are unaware of damage until the next show, when unsuspecting show staff calls in for help. We recommend finding time at least once a year to send us your display for a thorough inspection and cleaning. You may be interested in exploring our trade show logistics services for handling your booth shipping and storage.

Refurbishing your display for a fresh look

Refurbishing is another way to extend the life of your trade show display. A significant part of your display is the framing system, and perhaps kiosks or pedestals. You can make an older display look brand new by hiring us to:

  • provide new display graphics
  • change color schemes and lighting
  • recover panels, pedestals, and kiosks
  • provide new graphics, banners and signage
  • provide new design elements

If you’re struggling with the decision to repair or replace a display booth, give us a call. We can provide you with budget numbers to compare. One of our trade show display consultants can also give you a realistic view on your best options. We’re here to help you with and exhibit display needs.