Exhibit Assembly & Tear Down Services

The skilled labor you need, using the attention to detail you want

Display installation and dismantling labor is something worth considering. We offer skilled labor that specialize in trade show display and exhibit installation and dismantling. We get the work done correctly, on-time and at the lowest reasonable cost.

Trade Show Display Exhibit Installation Labor ServicesOur trades show display installation and dismantle experts can manage shipping logistics and paperwork to take a burden off of your employees. Depending on the requirements of the expo center or convention hall we can provide Union or non-Union labor.

When you hire us as your trade show management company we provide services such as display storage, inspections, display show prep and maintenance services.

Why you should hire us for your show labor needs

If you consider your other labor options to construct and take apart your expensive display, you’ll easily see the benefits of our services. Your other labor options are typically:

  • Employees that you pull away from doing their normal duties for several days. They typically lack adequate safety training and construction skills. Your salary and per diem costs add up fast. You take on the real risk of an injury.
  • Expo center labor which is a hit-or-miss proposition. These people typically lack sincere interest in carefully handling your exhibit, don’t work very fast, and usually charge very high labor rates. You don’t control when the work is done.

Sidestep the all too common move-in and move-out hassles

Do you have lingering doubts as to why you should hire a trade show management company? Think back on some of your challenges in getting your display set-up, and recall any trade show labor horror stories you may have heard. We strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, and earn the privilege of keeping your business. Sidestep the common problems and let us be your solution.

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